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Rick Spilsbury

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  • Unrestrained exploitation
  • The number of offshore players active in Australia’s water market bears testament to the rich pickings to be made speculating on the nation’s water reserves.

  • there are also some significant limitations and the people and industries that are negatively impacted by water trading are hit hard
  • these benefits are usually limited to the larger, well-informed irrigators at the expense of the smaller ‘family-farm’ operations which are crucial to many local communities

  • In the years since these sweeping changes were announced, the wisdom of applying free market principles to the management of an essential natural resource has been largely discredited by events overseas: In the water-supply sector, major corporate players have been accused and, in more than a few instances, convicted of price-gouging, anti-competitive behaviour, corrupt practice and fraud. On all continents there are moves to wrest control from private corporations.
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