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Jenny Gilbert

Jenny Gilbert's Public Library

@nenifoofer Claytons daylight savings.

Art expression and creativity can help us find that authentic core in each of us... #OLCBreneCourse

#OLCBreneCourse @BreneBrown a message to say to myself and others maybe. :)

Resentment is drinking the poison and waiting for the other person to die. - @BreneBrown #OLCBreneCourse

Ahhhhh.... no more hustling for worthiness me! Welcome new #olcbrenecourse classmates! Cya at Part deux in March!

I love this @terristcloud quote #OLCBreneCourse #GiftsOfImperfections @BreneBrown
20 Jan 14

Good morning everyone, if you're waking up in Mildura this morning, congratulations there's no better place to...

I give myself permission to have A LOT of permission slips. ;-) @BreneBrown #OLCBreneCourse

Soft front, strong back. - Elizabeth Lesser #OLCBreneCourse

Having so much fun @OprahsLifeclass with @BreneBrown!!!#lifeclass #olcbrenecourse

The Black Sorrows #redhotsummertour #Mildura

“@NOLLSIE: So much fun in Mildura today. Crowd went off. Thanks guys an girls.”

The Angels #redhotsummertour #Mildura

Cracker of a day in Mildura. Would be so cool to be hanging out in a house boat, watching the cricket. #doingagiginstead

Suzi Quatro #redhotsummertour #Mildura

Figuring out who has earned a place in my innermost heart--and how they did it. #OLCBreneCourse

The liberation of permission. Just added: permission to love my luscious bod! #OLCBreneCourse
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