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16 Jan 13

When the industry just started to protest against Google for personalized search and companies like Microsoft and DuckDuckGo trying to attract users with their "Unbiased" search results, Facebook takes put thems...

30 Dec 12

Anybody around Hyderabad interested to work with local Java User Group and take up a JSR in Java EE 7 ? Let me know.

29 Dec 12

First of all its so difficult to catch such criminals in such a vast population of India. If police manages to catch, one can hardly keep them in Jail till trial finished due to political connection. after the trial finishes after decades they get...

18 Dec 12

Finally W3C Team (@w3c) completes #HTML5 definition.

07 Dec 12

Anybody interested stargazing on the geminiod meteor shower ?

20 Nov 12

Fanboys , Haters #sameguys

17 Nov 12

How to go to space in Simple language

16 Nov 12

Remarkable work by Hrishikesh Joglekar and Team, Congratulations !

15 Nov 12

This might just solve the annoying two headed FB profile pictures, I always get confused whose comment/post is this until I pay attention to the name next to the thumbnail photo

13 Nov 12

My guest post on #JavaFx

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