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26 Mar 14

This drives me CRAZY! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one.

25 Feb 14

This is an excellent description of procrastination with tips on how to overcome it. Brick by brick.

  • One possible response, of course, is to decide that no obesity policy is possible, because ‘science is undecided’. But this is a moron’s answer: science is never completely decided; it is always in a state of change and self-questioning, and it offers no final answers. There is never a moment in science when all doubts are gone and all questions settled, which is why ‘wait for settled science’ is an argument advanced by industries that want no interference with their status quo.
  • History is not kind to authorities whose mistaken dogmas cause unnecessary suffering and pointless effort, while ignoring the real causes of trouble
05 Feb 14

I love Russell Brand! This is well-written and powerful, and I couldn't help but hear it in my mind in Russell Brand's voice as I was reading it.

05 Feb 14

Interesting - I had a health class once with a teacher who, otherwise very anti-drug, thought heroin should be legal (for medical use) in this country. She said it allows people to remain lucid while pain-free rather than doped up, as with morphine. The fact that there are high functioning heroin addicts out there supports this. So many people have problems with chronic pain, and of course, any painkiller has drawbacks and side effects and can do damage used long-term, but if well-controlled and medically supervised, it seems we may be not only leaving an important tool out of our medical arsenal, but be allowing many people to die because of addiction. One more point of note - tobacco is more addictive than heroin! Wow.

02 Feb 14

Several different recent researchers have shown the connection between diabetes and Alzheimer's risk, and the use of inhaled insulin to overcome the blood-brain barrier has shown promise... but how much better to prevent it from happening in the first place? Very interesting stuff.

25 Jan 14

Using genomics as a way to speed up and make traditional selective breeding much more effective at getting exactly what we want - tastier, healthier and more nutritious fruits and vegetables!

This is a way we can help the environment, too, by less shipping of produce from far away if we can breed plants that will produce the qualities we desire closer to home.

  • Genetic engineering is a technology—a specific way of modifying the plants we eat—and, like all technologies, it has both advantages and risks. Banishing all GMOs in one fell swoop solely because of the way they are made would be equivalent to, say, forbidding any object made by metalwork because some metal objects are dangerous
  • Marker-assisted breeding is one of the engines pushing breeders to completely rethink their craft. Whereas the major GMOs and most conventionally created crops on the market were designed primarily to benefit farmers, many breeders are now shifting their attention to the consumer
23 Sep 13

The scientific process was invented to overcome our tendencies to have irrational beliefs, logical fallacies, and mental traps. He mentions a couple of them - confirmation bias is, of course, huge today, when you can watch news shows tailored to how you already think. While I don't have faith in scientists (they are fallible humans, after all), I trust in the scientific *process* - especially when that process is repeated through many different sources and methods.

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