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The Choices Program is non-profit organization based at Brown University. We develop curricula on current and historical international issues and offer professional development for educators.

Choices materials incorporate the latest scholarship from Brown University and beyond to draw connections between historical events and contemporary international issues.

In each unit, a central activity challenges students to consider multiple viewpoints on a contested issue. Students examine the historical, cultural, and political background of the issue to prepare a coherent presentation.

Follow-up discussion demands analysis, and evaluation of conflicting values, interests, and priorities. Ultimately, students are expected to formulate persuasive arguments and express their own views.

Apr 23, 15

This wiki is a living document used as an owner's manual for the World History Curriculum in NKCS.

Apr 08, 15

@cledra @cmasisak22 You are decidedly unlucky on the Reds ---

Apr 04, 15

Thanks for this! @fractuslearning #geniushour The Top 50 Best Books for Teachers – Professional Development

Apr 03, 15

National Geographic's education blog... subscribe via email

Mar 24, 15

The Case for Free-Range Parenting My daughter (17) goes into NYC on her own all the time. Our parent friends shudder.

Mar 14, 15

Thrilled to be joining @nashworld this summer for a Social Studies workshop extravaganza! #nkcsedu

Mar 13, 15

Welcome to Inquiry Schools! We are excited to launch our non-profit venture of creating and supporting inquiry-driven, project-based modern schools. We work with Science Leadership Academy and Science Leadership Academy @ Beeber and the proposed Science Leadership Academy Middle School.

Mar 11, 15

A live document outlining a collection of items banks for mathematics...

Mar 09, 15

A great overview article on using visual literacy strategies...  but also a great lesson outline for a social studies lesson on civil rights.

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