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Jun 26, 15

The UK's Medical Research Council publishes a "Biomedical Picture of the Day" (BPoD). The picture of the day for June 3rd was one of mine:

Jun 24, 15

a new online database designed to help school districts, non-profit organizations, and policymakers better understand the educational landscape and make informed education decisions. Comprising 14 million records, EdWise catalogs K-12 Department of Education statistics from Missouri and Kansas. EdWise allows users to explore 25 years of school and district data in a range of categories, such as assessments, demographics, finance, staff, and transportation.

Jun 17, 15

A short video made from still shots of our wedding & honeymoon... (Animoto)

Jun 16, 15

The NKCS Career Planning & Education Guide for the 2015-2016 School year

May 29, 15

#Millennials face skills gap in workplace. What employers need may not be their strengths.

May 29, 15

Interesting post about how NGDLEs will need to be not only moduler, but also increasingly learner-centered to match the evolving emphasis in higher ed away from the instructor... and toward the learner.

  • What comes next must be informed by the new learning-centered model that increasingly characterizes higher education practice
  • The report suggested vendors create modular components that fit together to allow for a more customized LMS
  • Each of our LMS modules, for instance the Discussion Forum or our Quiz engine can be independently integrated with other platforms

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