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Aug 27, 15

Our student scribe post for our fist day of SAGE! Please read and leave comments!!

Aug 27, 15

Mizzou K-12 Online does a nice job of articulating the difference between what it calls "Flexible" course format and "Scheduled" course format...

Aug 19, 15

“Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.” THIS, a thousand times:

Aug 18, 15

And yes.....    you can do THAT on an iPad as well.
#Coding on iPads - Beginner to Pro:…
#edtech #code

Aug 15, 15

Why Some Schools Are Selling All Their #iPad #FutureReady #ipaded #ipadchat #edtech #edchat

Aug 15, 15

That. Is. Awesome. Buhahahahaha! I'm stealing and using for now on when I have convos about PD. #TweetOfTheYear
Love this! Thanks @nashworld for words to live by.

Aug 15, 15

C. Walcott discovered Burgess Shale #fossils (famous 4 soft-part imprints). His field books

Aug 06, 15

The UK's Medical Research Council publishes a "Biomedical Picture of the Day" (BPoD). The picture of the day for June 3rd was one of mine:

Aug 05, 15

A live Google Doc where educators are adding suggestions for wise use of iPads in the classroom...

Aug 04, 15

A book Kyle Anderson selected for Multicultural Literature for the 2015-2016 school year...

  • "How beautiful the revolution!
      Even in its most barbarous aspect it is beautiful,"
  • with a sanguine face
  • Do you hear that, Lieutenant? We're in Limon.
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