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Aug 04, 11

The Toolkit consists of two tools: the KRDS Benefits Framework (Tool 1); and the Value-chain and Benefits Impact tool (Tool 2). Each tool consists of a detailed guide and worksheet(s).

Apr 26, 11

For the first time, millions of books spanning the history of print is becoming a treasure trove for different kinds of discoveries. JB Michel/Lieberman (Culturomics) is just one example, a new generation of computational analyses of the history of our culture, science, language, many not yet imagined, will be possible once the digitized collections become open to, and of OCR quality sufficient for, such computational methods.

Feb 10, 11

The National Library of Finland has launched a new program to support the digitization efforts of its archives. The project, Digitalkoot (Digital Volunteers), blends microtasks, crowdsourcing, and video games to break up and distribute some of the dull repetitive work of verifying digitized records.

Feb 07, 11

This article presents the narrative accounts of the beginnings of digital library programs in five European national libraries: Biblioteca nacional de Portugal, Bibliothèque nationale de France, Die Deutsche Bibliothek, the National Library of Scotland, and the British Library

Feb 07, 11

Digital libraries (DLs) are complex information systems and therefore demand formal foundations lest development efforts diverge and interoperability suffers. In this article, we propose the fundamental abstractions of Streams, Structures, Spaces, Scenarios, and Societies (5S), which allow us to define digital libraries rigorously and usefully.

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