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Sharon Mumm

Sharon Mumm's Public Library

about 12 hours ago

Did you miss #TEDxBham2015? Catch all the talks here:

RT @ONTSpecialNeeds: Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset #TLIM #edchat
Mar 02, 15

RT @VictoriaL_Day: Our 5th grade kids ROCKED IT 4 our 1st video update! Kids telling our story #digilead

The profile of the modern teacher... do you see yourself? #edchat #unionrxi

Reg Hoyt talking to students @DelValCollege's game dinner
Mar 01, 15

FANTASTIC read about tech integration. RT: "@Othell: Pedagogy Before Technology?”

Mar 01, 15 for your @johnmaeda fix @RyanBarnes @briebdaley #naisac the missing slides

Feb 28, 15

[New Blog] 5 Classroom Strategies That Help Introverts & Extroverts Do Their Best Work:

Feb 28, 15

Learn how to look for strong privacy & data security policies in ed apps & online services:

Feb 28, 15

Pumped for MakerSpace Camp w/ @NMHS_lms & @hickstro March 29-30! #TheEdCollabMaker @TheEdCollab --

Feb 27, 15

"The best learning tool I have ever seen" quoted by teacher using Dash & Dot robots to teach comp science in K-5

Feb 21, 15

We're thrilled for author @acorgill -- finalist for National Teacher of the Year! #NTOY15 #OfPrimaryImportance

Feb 21, 15

Adoption of new technology since 1900 in the US


Fantastic musical performance and talk on how music teaches Malik to Value Myself and Others!
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