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Sharon Mumm

Sharon Mumm's Public Library

Apr 25, 15

6R 7H 1E (MBJV) | HWTR 1, MBJV 7 | End 3rd Recap |

If you are in education, I'm trying out using @periscopeco app to stream what we do in our #Innovation class. #Transparency Follow me.

Using @answergarden at #futureready ..our ideas are #exceptional

  • eurial learning. Please share your examples in the co
  • Thank you to Terry Heick at TeachThought for sharing this terrific video highlighting entrepreneurial learning.
Mar 23, 15

Event #1- design challenge: project Wallet!
#edcampRVA #vachat #vaslchat #tlchat

Mar 23, 15

Take a look at this future-ready library: #libchat

Mar 21, 15

Curious Kids seeking answers don't get bored. - Cool Graphic

Mar 21, 15

Creating Structures & Growing Patterns Using #Minecraft

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