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Sharon Mumm

Sharon Mumm's Public Library

Nov 21, 15

Some great stuff here for all educators - "Videos That Genius Hour Teachers Love"

Our retweets mapped with @Architechies app. We need pins in #Australia #SouthAmerica #Africa and #Antarctica!

A7: Providing opportunities for Ts to DO tech not just learn ABOUT tech. Also, knowing whether to push or pull, & doing it. #aledchat
Nov 17, 15

Final A: #aledchat relationships are important,instruction is paramount over the tech itself;no tech for tech's sake

A6: admin is key. When they buy in, the Ts buy in. They must also see the value in coaching and outcome we are trying to achieve #aledchat
Nov 17, 15

got to take time to get filled up yourself; put the oxygen on yourself first ! #ALedchat

Nov 17, 15

Getting away from the T being the user of the tech; we @HomewoodMiddle r interested in seeing how students use tech

Wow! What an amazing group of ed leaders at #aledchat tonight!

A2: Teachers need to feel like the tech coach will support them no matter what. #nodumbquestions #aledchat

A3 1:1 setting, grade level, faculty, district days, after school. Whatever is needed I want my peers to know I am there anytime #ALedchat

Some of the world's most innovative educators talking shop on this NYC rooftop with @TED_ED
Nov 06, 15

Want to teach children chemistry? There's a #Minecraft world for that... via @BBCNews

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