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Sharon Mumm

Sharon Mumm's Public Library

06 Mar 14

"Come and learn about the Google Apps Scripts - FormEmailer, Doctopus and Autocrat.
FormEmailer - Create a Google Form and provide feedback to students based on their submissions.
Doctopus and Goobric - Your digital copy machine to distribute Google Docs to your students and grade them with a digital rubric.
Autocrat - Create a Google Doc based on individual submissions on a Google Form. "

  • rk your favorites and sync them to your phone or calendar.
07 Jan 14

We're honoured @deb_norton dedicated the 1st in her series of "Chat with Deb" videos on @TeachersEngage to Kahoot!

10 Dec 13

A high school student makes a plea to adults to behave better on social media, be role models #edtech

  • Instead of making you spend a lot of time individually importing student data, you can set up your class quickly by asking them to signup. Your students will need to choose usernames and passwords, but they WON'T be required to provide an email address. If a student forgets their password, you will be able to reset it for them. 


     Ask your students to visit and enter their section-code: 
     For 1st Grade enter: EQDWCG (Send in email) 
     For 2nd Grade enter: WXIKMV (Send in email) 
     For 3rd Grade enter: KBKFWP (Send in email) 
     For 4th Grade enter: BKQVFN (Send in email) 
     For 5th Grade enter: FKIWPU (Send in email) 
     For 6th Grade enter: MFERPN (Send in email) 
     For Kindergarten enter: WJRQKN (Send in email) 
     Add section

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