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Natalie Wojinski

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@GeoPenny I used agglomeration and said it sounds like "a glob" to help them remember. Ss wrote "aglobberation." Lord Help Me! #aphgchat
Mar 20, 15

@techquity @mswojo @ToddGroves @madelinekronen PUSD master tech integration workshop resources #cue2015

Mar 20, 15

@techquity @ToddGroves @mswojo @ccarter0206 21st Century Note-Taking presenter notes: #cue2015

Tested out Google Hangout on our domain today with @mswojo
Mar 10, 15

@CHitch94 Also, I thoroughly enjoyed making my presentation @historytechie @scottmpetri @bain_bob @mswojo #sschat

@CHitch94 It was a great conference! Not only did I meet @historytechie but also @scottmpetri & @bain_bob & @mswojo
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