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Natalie Wojinski

Natalie Wojinski's Public Library

Aug 24, 15

The Redefined Classroom - A Little SAMR

Aug 24, 15

Taking Notes vs. Taking a Picture of Notes; Which Wins?

A1. #teachsmall is where it’s at! Those little moments that change a life. ALL day, EVERY day. #rcechat

All pumped now for #aplangchat only 24 hours and 34 minutes until our first official chat of 2015-16!!

@mswojo That’s right! Thanks for spreading the word about #FuelYourSchool.
Aug 18, 15

A3: really love this resource #ISTE coaching academy #TOSAchat

A2: I want to move from Training to professional development. #tosachat

@mswojo Thanks! It’s always about perspectives. Always a silver lining in everything. #TOSAchat

A4: Connect without tech. The teachers who appreciate that are the ones you need win over. #tosachat

A2 My first goal is to simply be RELEVANT. I don't want to have left the classroom to not be very effective #tosachat

A2: As in every year, my focus is on positivity. We will inevitably face struggles. Stay positive & focus on growth. #TOSAchat
Aug 18, 15

@CHitch94 @danieltmares If you need some ideas/resources, check out Free #sschat

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