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about 9 hours ago

"Be a reflective teacher. Honestly look at what you do from time to time. Evaluate the purpose of your role as a...
Are you on the social media bus? Why not? Take a look at this visual history of social media.
Promethean table offers new collaborative opportunities.
We have officially launched! Welcome to The Australian Education Times. Please like us at
Students needs are and always will be infinite, teacher time is finite. @HFletcherWood thinks it through:...
25 Days of Curiosity w/ @tombarrett: #9 Learning in touch with real world + Eleanor Duckworth Video: #staycurious
"Set your classroom expectations high, the higher the better. Expect the most fantastic things to happen, not in...
Here's the facts about this 'abnormal autumn'.
"Saying you don't know fuels the desire to find out" #edutech #notosh
Having great ideas isn't enough: actually make them happen. A pre-amble to my new book: #dtk12chat #edchat
The next time the client is *sure* of the brief, and you know they're wrong, remember this brave tale: #inf536
Please never say you're coming to a @NoTosh "Training" session - there's never been any such thing: #notosh #edchat
Delighted that @NoTosh are delivering yet another groundbreaking #designthinking-tech event we planned from scratch:
GTAV wins Australian Professional Teachers Association Innovative Association Award. Pictured accepting the...
Excellent Channel Four piece on public libraries and the Sieghart Report. Well done @wylie_alan
Glass walls and post-it notes do not design thinking make. Especially when you demote people who provide feedback:
A series of 20 videos has been released to illustrate the management of the #auscurric within primary schools.
Over 1.5 billion people depend on degrading land. Take #action2015 for #wdcd2015
[admin] How cool is sketchnoting to share professional learning with colleagues (and students). Here is a prime...
“@camelliacorners: Kids literature” @jacstats @mareetimms” Luv this. Cogs are turning!
Useful for research for Teacher Librarians too - a valuable part of the teaching team
10 Reasons to Read Diversely: do you consciously choose books with diverse characters and settings for your...

about 9 hours ago

Make love of reading the first objective...

about 9 hours ago

Stanford Uni Mindset Kit (Videos, resources, lessons - for subjects, teams etc.)

about 9 hours ago

Long live books! A safe refuge for every child.
#bookweek #liblove

Aug 27, 15

Storybird Pro features now free for teachers - No Educator Left Behind. — Medium

Aug 27, 15

Want to see examples of Masters' dissertations? Look here:

Aug 26, 15

@joycevalenza has done it again- great interactive presentations that I’ve not hard of & can’t wait to try! #tlch

@mesterman @margaretsimkin thx for pl inspo
Aug 26, 15

Nine Resources for Building Research Skills with Data Collection and Observation #tlchat #iowatl

Warning: I may adversely affect anyone with nut allergies.
Aug 24, 15

“@cpaterso: What a student learned from a short experiment in self-directed learning: @jca_1975”#awesome

I plowed a field once. It was a harrowing experience.
Aug 24, 15

#Microsoft releases new website to help #teachers use #Minecraft in classes #edtech
#Microsoft releases new website to help #teachers use #Minecraft in classes #edtech

@mesterman thanks for encouragement to own our pl, choose well, collaborate bc we want to.

@sbradbeer thanks for reading :)
Aug 24, 15

How a collaborative space can boost faculty experimentation & growth: #ptchat

Aug 24, 15

Digital Portfolios: The Art of Reflection Chronicling final performance, but also lessons along the way #ssislearns

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