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Margaret Simkin

Margaret Simkin's Public Library

about 11 hours ago

How do you connect with other educators? #yourEdustory #vicpln

@TheWeirdTeacher Thanks Doug, listening with open ears and no judgement helps to build understanding & empathy #aussiedED

@DoctorKarl Why do a lot of men stain the bed clothes/pillows brown/yellow.. is it a body hair/hygiene/sweat thing?

A3 you need to be careful here. you will never really walk in another's shoes and to assume you do is arrogance and entitlement #aussieED
Mar 29, 15

Have Mobile Phones In the Classroom Reached Their Calculator Moment? via @wordpressdotcom #INF506

@gmillerg6 may I use your list of what should a teacher tweet about in a presentation I am creating for staff at my school posted dec 2014?

My sign at #justice4rerfugees rally in Canberra today
Mar 27, 15

Richard Curtis and TES reveal plans for the world’s largest ever lesson via @schoolsimprove

Mar 27, 15

Mod 2.4 Connectivisim – personal response #INF541 - New #gbl Post. Check it out.

Mar 27, 15

No, Finland isn’t ditching traditional school subjects. Here’s what’s really happening.

Mar 27, 15

New Women in #IT scholarship by RMIT & Peoplebank aiming to boost numbers of #womenintech #ICT #tech

Mar 26, 15

[Trending] How Do We Know When #Students Are Engaged? #edchat #edu
How Do We Know When Students Are Engaged?

Mar 26, 15

13 Digital Research Tools For The Google Generation @Icentremta

Mar 26, 15

We need to remember that libraries are about books, not business via @ConversationUK #libraries #vicpln

Mar 25, 15

Report praises benefits of university research @digitalsci @KingsCollegeLon @research_uk @wellcometrust @HEFCE

Mar 24, 15

Get kids psyched about #maths with this super-duper digibook… a fun way to get into numbers.

Mar 24, 15

@tombarrett on #Inquiry, #designthinking and technology -> great listen

Mar 24, 15

"Be a reflective teacher. Honestly look at what you do from time to time. Evaluate the purpose of your role as a...
Are you on the social media bus? Why not? Take a look at this visual history of social media.
Promethean table offers new collaborative opportunities.
We have officially launched! Welcome to The Australian Education Times. Please like us at
Students needs are and always will be infinite, teacher time is finite. @HFletcherWood thinks it through:...
25 Days of Curiosity w/ @tombarrett: #9 Learning in touch with real world + Eleanor Duckworth Video: #staycurious
"Set your classroom expectations high, the higher the better. Expect the most fantastic things to happen, not in...
Here's the facts about this 'abnormal autumn'.
"Saying you don't know fuels the desire to find out" #edutech #notosh
Having great ideas isn't enough: actually make them happen. A pre-amble to my new book: #dtk12chat #edchat
The next time the client is *sure* of the brief, and you know they're wrong, remember this brave tale: #inf536
Please never say you're coming to a @NoTosh "Training" session - there's never been any such thing: #notosh #edchat
Delighted that @NoTosh are delivering yet another groundbreaking #designthinking-tech event we planned from scratch:
GTAV wins Australian Professional Teachers Association Innovative Association Award. Pictured accepting the...
Excellent Channel Four piece on public libraries and the Sieghart Report. Well done @wylie_alan
Glass walls and post-it notes do not design thinking make. Especially when you demote people who provide feedback:

Mar 24, 15

The Future of Libraries click on the Wednesday link @stefaniegaspari @Bibliothecaire3 @gillgratton @SLNSW_Learning

@deansherr @red_rattler You know very well that it was part of propaganda efforts to prepare way for brutal crackdown on West Bank & Gaza
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