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Debra Gottsleben

Debra Gottsleben's Public Library

about 13 hours ago

"a new service for breaking YouTube videos into segments and inserting comments into those segments. To segment a YouTube video on Vibby simply grab the URL for the video and paste into the Vibby editor. Once inserted into Vibby you can highlight a segment on the video timeline. Vibby then play only the sections you've highlighted. Click on a highlighted section to add a comment to it. Videos edited through Vibby can be shared via email, social media, or embedded into a blog or website."

Jul 28, 15

useful tools that can be added to any youtube video including adding music, creating a slideshow, blurring faces and more

Jul 28, 15

archival videos from AP. "Much of the footage in the AP and British Movietone archives is under two minutes. The short clips could be good as supporting material to add to a reference page for students."

Jul 25, 15

RT @NJEA: Pension funding – not allocation – is the real issue. #FundNJPension @StarLedger

  • the main job of any school is to educate, not shield students from reality
Jul 23, 15

"quickly create a free and private conference call number. To create your account simply visit the site, enter your email address and choose a password. The service will then generate a phone number and an access code for you. Give that number and access code to your attendees and you're ready to start hosting conference calls." from Richard Byrne

Jul 23, 15

from Richard Byrne. All features of Google drive are shown.

Jul 21, 15

RT @joycevalenza: New from Pew: Concerns about children, social media and technology use #tlchat #istelib #edchat #R…

Jul 18, 15

RT @E_Sheninger: Just because students are engaged with #edtech doesn't mean they are learning #edchat

Jul 14, 15

fun site to find out what each special holiday is tied to a specific date.

Jul 14, 15

From Richard Byrnes - "a free iOS and Android app designed to help people conduct and record great interviews. The app includes a set of questions that you can use in your interview. The question sets are varied depending upon the relationship that you do or don’t have with your interviewee. While recording your interview you can swipe through the questions to help you keep the interview on track. Completed recordings can saved on your device and or shared with the StoryCorps community."

Jul 12, 15

Readers may browse the site according to region, including information on Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe/Ex-USSR, and Middle East/North Africa. Selecting any of these tabs triggers a drop down menu of respective countries. Selecting any of the countries navigates to an archive of all the articles published about that country written in the past decade or so. Other important features of the site include a World Press Freedom Index, which evaluates each nation on a number of variables to assign them a yearly ranking.

Jul 12, 15

RT @ImagineEasy: Great Video for the New School Year: How Can Primary & Secondary Sources Be Used in Research? http:…

Jul 10, 15

a free service built for the purpose of allowing users to create animated Google Maps. The basics of creating maps in Animaps is very similar the process for creating maps in Google Maps. The main benefit of using Animaps over Google Maps is that you can create a tour of your placemarks that plays through according to the timing that you specify. Another benefit is that you can build in colored shapes to expand and contract to demonstrate patterns.

Jul 09, 15

RT @ImagineEasy: How Can Primary & Secondary Sources Be Used in Research? This Video Can Help Teach the Concept http…

Jul 09, 15

RT @joycevalenza: There's more: As Senate begins debating education bill,happy words & better libraries #tlchat #ist…

Jul 09, 15

"provides a blank canvas on which you can type, draw, and post pictures. You can connect elements on your boards through a simple linking tool. The boards that you create on Realtime Board can be shared publicly or privately. To help you communicate with your collaborators Realtime Board has a chat function built into every board.

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