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Debra Gottsleben

Debra Gottsleben's Public Library

May 05, 15 via @BookRiot | this post is right on! Why the reluctance to give kids what they want and can use - Print!

May 03, 15

NYC Will Pay $10 Million for Charter School Rent via @DianeRavitch

May 03, 15

RT @dimac4: Library Grits Daily is out! Stories via @bethredford @gottsled

May 03, 15

RT @TheWritingFloor: It's a beautiful Saturday.
Get outside
Find your spot
And #write!

#satchat #amWriting #GetOutdoors #Read4Fun http://t…

May 03, 15

#schoollibrarians are teachers who help transform learning! Pls include in Opportunity Dashboard! @lily_NEA @NEAToday
School libs are teachers & transform learning! Please include n the Opportunity Dashboard! @lily_NEA @NEAToday @NJEA
Schl libs r tchrs & transform learning! Plez nclude n Opportunity Dashboard! @lily_NEA @NEAToday @NJEA @njeawendell
RT @joycevalenza: School librarians are teachers,transform learning! Please include in OpportunityDashboard @lily_NE…

May 02, 15

#schoollibrarians = instructional partners w/classroom teachers/specialists for #CCSS success @lily_NEA @NEAToday
School librarians collaborate with classroom teachers as instructional partners. @lily_NEA @NEAToday @NJEA

May 02, 15

Many resrch studies show clear link btween schl libraries & ncreased student achievement. @lily_NEA @NEAToday @NJEA

May 01, 15

Understanding Science is a fun, accessible, and free resource that accurately communicates what science is and how it really works — and that helps K-16 teachers reinforce the nature and process of science throughout their science teaching. We provide a variety of resources at different levels for students, teachers, and the general public.

Apr 28, 15

Do We Need Libraries? via @forbes |very gd article that discusses what they nd to do to stay relevent

Apr 20, 15

Librarians Lead the Way in EdTech | Tech Learning:

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