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Debra Gottsleben

Debra Gottsleben's Public Library

about 4 hours ago

@CoryBooker hope u'll support - AASL, ALA applaud the addition of school libraries to Every Student Succeeds Act

Nov 30, 15

"One of the best, free tools for students learning Chinese is Pleco, available in both Pleco iOS and Android Pleco. The free dictionary includes over 100,00 entries that are updated regularly. Students can look up words by Chinese characters, Pinyin (spaces and tones), or English and can even hand-write characters to look up information. Students can also cross-reference words by looking up character components and breaking down words into individual characters. Students can also use the Touch to Speak system to hear word pronunciation and sample sentences."

Nov 29, 15

"National Archives Today's Document feed is a good place to find primary source documents to spark discussion in your classroom. Everyday Today's Document features a new image or document from the archives. The documents are usually accompanied by some additional research links and lesson plan resources."

Nov 29, 15

" use a link bundling service that will group all of your links together into one package. Then instead of sending out a bunch of individual links you can just send one link that will open all of the bundled links for your students. Here are three services that you can use for just that purpose.

Nov 29, 15

"A total of 25 U.S. History teacher guides are now available on Storyboard That. The guides are broken into four main eras; pre-Colonial - 1776, Independence to Civil War, Reconstruction to WWII, and post-WWII. You will find units for major events and themes within each era."

Nov 29, 15

RT @pseudandry: It's not a digital footprint; it's a digital tattoo. Footprints can be washed away; tattoos leave a scar.…

Nov 25, 15

"A good rubric can help students understand what is expected of them and it can help teachers score students' assignments consistently" This post lists 3 different rubric creation tools

Nov 24, 15

article that provides an annotated list of articles on blended learning.

Nov 22, 15

RT @MorrisSupt: Morristown senior 11th at Meet of Champions via @dailyrecord

Nov 22, 15

Empathy and libraries a gr8 post which shows why rding fiction is so important

Nov 21, 15

@CoryBooker per conversation last nite hope u'll support! Advocates Maintain Pressure on Inclusion of School Libs

Nov 21, 15

will let you present a video in the front of the room and or stream it to your students' devices. Your students will be able to use Zaption Presenter ask questions directly from their devices while the video plays. Teachers can add questions to the presentations on the fly and have those questions appear on students' devices.

Nov 19, 15

"One of the most important information literacy skills for students is learning how to critically evaluate information found on the Web. This page includes forms for teaching the process, articles for learning about the aspect of literacy, and a list of bogus sites to use to showcase that all things on the Web are not real."

Nov 17, 15

RT @edutopia: Spice up how you check for understanding in the classroom:

Nov 17, 15

RT @edtechjam: The Anti-Bullying Efforts That Are Actually Working: #edchat

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