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Allison Hart

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30 Mar 14

Something to keep an eye on, especially if it offers a way for student to authenticate to ebooks from all our publishers? A way to streamline logins for various tools. There isn't a full list of what services yet - it launches this month.

  • Get the Math is designed to help students understand real-world applications of Algebra I

  • Lifelong Kindergarten is collaborating with Tufts University’s DevTech Research Group to make Scratch Jr, a new version aimed at kids in preschool to second grade. The expected launch date is summer 2012.
  • “I’ve noticed materials online for games aimed at kids pre-K to third grade where there’s this assumption that children are fluent with reading when they’re not,”
  • hopes to solve this problem by replacing the text of Scratch with voice-over instructions.


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16 Mar 14

Function Carnival helps students get a handle on confusing graphs lessons and helps them experiment to resolve misunderstandings. Through video, graphing, and replaying graphs as animations students can begin to construct their own understanding of what these graphs really mean.

13 Mar 14

5-year-olds can learn calculus. Discussions of early math spread after The Atlantic interviewed Dr. Maria Droujkova. Read here.

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