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  • ient Evidence.The theory of action articulated by theConsortium illustrates the vision for an assessment system that will lead to inferences that ensurethat all students are well-prepared for college and careers after high school. “Inference isreasoning from what one knows and what one observes, to explanations, conclusions, orpredictions. One attempts to establish the weight and coverage of evidence in what is observed”(Mi
  • “Claims” are the broad statements of the assessment system’s learning outcomes, each of whichrequires evidence that articulates the types of data/observations that will support interpretationsof competence towards achievement of the claims.
  • f the claims. A first purpose of this document is to identifythe critical and relevant claims that will “identify the set of knowledge and skills that isimportant to measure for the taskat hand” (NRC, 2001)

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Oct 29, 15

"CRUD means Create/Read/Update/Delete, those are just the rough "type" of an event."

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