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John Pearce

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41 minutes ago

"The cat's out of the bag for about 60 Australians who thought they could anonymously rent a hacker from a website to do their dirty work. If you've used the hacker-for-hire site Hacker's List to contract out a hack job then your name, address and the reasons why you sought a hacker are now available on the web, potentially exposing you to legal action."

43 minutes ago

"The next format war could be between your fridge and your dishwasher as Google unveils yet another player in the Internet of Things. Launched overnight at the Google I/O developer conference, Brillo is a stripped-down version of Android designed to run on household devices – from fridges and airconditioners to light switches and door locks. Brillo is yet another part of the "Internet of Things", a broad term which refers to the idea of connecting practically every device to the internet and letting them talk to each other."

about 1 hour ago

"Everything Apple says and does on stage is designed to get you to give them money for a product, and to enjoy it so much you want to keep giving them more money for subsequent products. Everything Google says and does on stage is to get you to give them more data, and to enjoy it so much you want to keep giving them more data. That's critical to keep in mind when you watch presentations from either."

about 2 hours ago

"A recent university assignment investigating Digital Citizenship in Education studied in the Masters course, Knowledge networks and digital innovation, being studied through Charles Sturt University (CSU) required students to assess digital citizenship needs within their school environments and make recommendations for future directions. One element of the task was to prepare an annotated bibliography of essential reading for college leadership teams. This is the bibliography prepared by Helen Stower and myself. It contains some excellent resources for anyone considering digital citizenship priorities for secondary schools."

about 22 hours ago

Mrs. Chellani has been a pioneer in flipping her classes at New Milford High School where her tools of choice have been Adobe Captivate and Edmodo. Be sure to check out her class website at Learn Math Easily. In addition to the interactive videos she has created to flip her class you will also find case studies and online resources on her site.

about 23 hours ago

"Blogging in the classroom was a watershed discovery for me.  I had such an acute need for a better way to manage my student’s writing, but I was wary of blogging.  There are challenges to helping students learn in an online community.  Until I met Matt Hardy from KidBlog, I viewed these risks as too big to manage on my own.  I believe that as a teacher I have to both innovate and protect my own professional reputation.  When I heard Matt talk about how he created KidBlog to support exactly the kind of connected learning I want to happen in my classroom, I realized how accessible this learning is now.  Using school specific tools like Kidblog, or  Edublogs, can give you more control and management potential than using conventional tools like Blogger, or WordPress"

about 23 hours ago

"As the Maker Movement has gained steams schools and educators alike have begun to incorporate makerspaces as exploratory centers for students to invent, tinker, create, and make to learn.  A makerspace can best be defined as a physical place where students can create real-world products/projects using real-world tools.  In 2013 I was fortunate enough to hire media specialist/teacher librarian Laura Fleming, who took the initiative to create a makerspace in our school.  Through her work I discovered some guiding principles that might just help you begin to create a makerspace in your school or integrate the process of making across the curriculum.  It is first important to understand three underlying qualities that essential in ensuring that students make to learn"

about 23 hours ago

"Learning by making has been around since long before edtech—just think about what the adventurous explorers or intrepid settlers of yore would have thought of "Do-It-Yourself." But with thousands of kid-friendly tech tools and a whole World Wide Web of resources out there, creative, interesting opportunities for learning-by-making abound for everyone. Okay, so with all those resources, where should you start to build a makerspace? Here at EdSurge, we've rolled up our sleeves, put on our protective goggles, and built a Maker Guide from scratch, just for you. "

about 24 hours ago

"Software tools, web apps and services for online collaboration from Robin Good"

about 24 hours ago

"In simple terms, RSS is a simple and effective way of keeping in touch when new information is added to a website without having to visit the website to check for new updates. How it works is you subscribe to your favorite website using the RSS feed in a RSS feed reader such as Feedly.  Whenever new information is added to the website it is automatically sent to your RSS feed reader where you can read it at your convenience."

May 29, 15

"Explee is a cloud based animated video app, meaning you can create and display your animated videos from your laptop, tablet or smartphone and always have the latest version of your work at your fingertips." A Sketchnote application it has a free 14 day trial

May 27, 15

Our SWITCH Flipped Video Channel is nearing 1000 views! Help us get there by seeing amazing educators in action!

May 26, 15

"TouchCast lets users record a short video and then overlay widgets called vApps. These moveable vApps can hold live web pages, live Twitter streams, photos, maps, or multimedia, and you can even ask your audience live questions. Anyone watching the video via the TouchCast app (or website) can click on a vApp and interact with it all while remaining in the video. Furthermore, you can select from a variety of themes to get started. Once that is set, it’s time to start creating content. "

May 26, 15

"In this infographic provided to Entrepreneur Magazine, we find 21 ways to get the creative juices flowing. We all have a few methods we tend to lean on which we have found work for us. However, it could prove beneficial to start trying new approaches to revamping your creative energy."

May 26, 15

"I’m as guilty as the next person for singing the praises of Puentedura’s SAMR model. I’ve blogged about it many many times, it’s included in my book ‘Perfect ICT Every Lesson’ too. Quite rightly so I believe. The problem I have with it, and others find this problem too, is that it is seen as being a taxonomy, a ladder upon which to be climbed. Redefinition is seen as being the creativity to Blooms or the sharing of Vygotsky’s Zones of Proximal Development – the top rung of a difficult ladder to climb. The problem for me is, like any tool, technology is only as good as the person using it. "

May 26, 15

"Flipped learning is a hot trend in most stages of education right now – and for good reason. It’s a way to really shake up the typical classroom and incorporate education technology in a positive way. The graphic below from Circulus dives into the benefits of flipping your classroom, homework, and learning in general."

May 26, 15

"Traffic is getting worse. It doesn’t just feel that way, the stats prove it: commuters in 2014 spent an average 66 more hours stuck in traffic than they did in 2013, according to navigation tech firm TomTom. So when internet of things technology is disrupting every part of our lives, when will traffic lights be rethought and rebuilt? Well, the traffic light revolution is already underway. It is all part of the promise of connected and self-driving cars, which allow data about individual journeys, routes and vehicles to be centrally monitored, controlled and systematised."

May 25, 15

This is a nice tool, with lots of interactivity. You start with a simple screen as you do with PowerPoint, and you can add in text, background images, all the usual stuff. However, you can drag and drop videos, embed code, link to twitter feeds and other social media resources, all of which are updated real time.

The only issue that I've got is on saving - you can save it to the site, or as a pdf, but that's it. I'd be wary of investing too much time in the tool and creating lots of resources until I can save stuff in a rather more interactive and robust way.

May 25, 15

"Here are all of the videos that Digital Learning & Teaching Vic has uploaded to Vimeo. Appearances are videos that Digital Learning & Teaching Vic has been credited in by others."

May 25, 15

"Squishy circuits are a project from the Playful Learning Lab at the University of St. Thomas.  The goal of the project is to design tools and activities which allow kids of all ages to create circuits and explore electronics using play dough. "

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