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Monica Rivero

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  • Support bulk download of metadata
  • Implementing the Penn Libraries open metadata policy: The Metadata Subcommittee (of the Repository Services Team) will oversee the implementation of our open metadata policy and make recommendations on appropriate standards, formats, and protocols to use for openly disseminating our metadata. These will probably change over time as technologies and best practices evolve.

  • Applied research and technology development efforts in Digital Preservation (DP) have invested substantial resources into the development and maintenance of tools to support key DP processes. These include file format identification, migration and emulation tools, quality assurance mechanisms, automated annotation, and digital forensics, to name but a few
  • A benchmark is "a set of tests used to compare the performance of alternative tools or techniques
  • motivating comparison that specifies the purpose of creating an evaluation and comparison test

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  • implement, standardize, and institutionalize cross-links between scholarly resources
  • scholarly resource cross-linking challenges
  • As an indicator of these benefits, numerous studies have shown that making research articles available in open access repositories leads to higher citation counts for those articles (see Hitchcock 2013 for an overview of these studies

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    • Image Capture Systems
        There are several flavors of image capture systems can be used to create   panoramas, including:



      • Point-and-shoot
      • Digital SLR (DSLR)

    • What you need to know, before you submit your request

      • We normally require at least 20 working days to complete a  digitization request. Rush requests will be honored if possible.   Starting mid-November through mid-January additional turnaround time is required due to the holiday season.
  • We provide images at various resolutions and formats depending on the intended use of the request. Generally, we can provide either 300dpi JPEG images or TIF images at the higest resolution possible.

  • Reproductions of materials obtained from Digitization Services (or from its web site) may be made without prior permission only for use in the research, teaching, or private study of the recipient of the reproduction. Reproductions may not be made for or donated to other repositories by the recipient and may not be further reproduced without permission.


    The recipient agrees to give proper acknowledgement to the University of Virginia Library and further agrees to secure permission in advance from Digitization Services to publish or broadcast any item, in whole or in part, from its collections.

  • This permission may be granted in so far and only in so far as the rights of the University of Virginia Library are concerned. The University of Virginia Library claims only physical ownership of most Special Collections material. Persons wishing to broadcast or publish this material must assume all responsibility for identifying and satisfying any claimants of copyrights.


    The recipient agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the University of Virginia, its officers, employees and agents from and against all suits, claims, actions and expenses arising out of the use of reproductions provided by Digitization Services.

  • Coordination and limited project support to faculty and graduate students involved in the development of materials for their research.
  • Requests can be made through our request form: You must identify your affiliation (i.e. whether you are employed by the University of Virginia) and the means with which you intend to use the materials we deliver to you. Whenever possible identify the object(s) you need with as much information as possible

  • Images can be saved in formats which can be read by software on other platforms. The staff will assist users in transferring image files to other machines on or off Grounds via HTTP download through a special web page. In addition, Digitization Services can deliver image files on CD-r or DVD-r.
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  • Our Cruse Model CS 285 ST can scan objects up to 59" x 88" and several inches deep.
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