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  • Deprecated, do not use. Use for submission date.

  • Use qualified form if possible. Date the UB Institutional Repository takes possession of item. Date or date range item became available to the public. Date of copyright. Date of creation or manufacture of intellectual content if different from date.issued. Date of publication or distribution. Recommend for theses/dissertations. The last time the item was updated via the SWORD interface

  • M = Mandatory
      A = Mandatory if applicable
      O = Optional
  • Type
     Material type, i.e. Thesis 

  • Below is a list of resources included in Robert’s presentation:

  • set off material that is useful to the reader but less crucial to the meaning of a sentence than information that would be set off by em dashes or commas.
  • usually remarks from the writer, informative side-notes, introduced abbreviations, definitions, translations, examples, cross-references to other things within a text, or citations.
  • The rule of thumb for whether to use parentheses is this: If the meaning of the sentence would be clear without the parenthetical remark, then parentheses are appropriate

  • Adviser and advisor are both accepted spellings
  • one who advises or counsels. There is no difference between them. But adviser, the older version, is listed as the primary spelling in most dictionaries, and it is about five times as common as advisor in current news publications from throughout the English-speaking world.

  • free_to_read
  • rioxxterms:version
    • VoR = Version of Record

  • Meta tags are a great way for webmasters to provide search engines with information about their site
  • Meta tags are added to the <head> section of your HTML page
  • <meta name="google-site-verification

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