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  • oai_dc.xsl is a transformation from the XOAI format to the oai_dc format
  • If you need to add/remove metadata fields, you're changing the output format
  • Please, keep in mind that the OAI provider caches the transformed output, so you have to run [dspace]/bin/dspace oai clean-cache after any .xsl modification and reload the OAI page for the changes to take effect

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  • – Fixed an error with the DSpace Dublin core export so that dc.type = “Thesis”

  • Data preservation means more than just making a backup copy of your data;
  • protecting your data in a secure environment for long-term access and reuse
  • regularly audited to guarantee its integrity

  • Can your project needs be met with your current computing, storage, and network infrastructure
  • include lists of “for-fee” services offered by University business units, “for-free” services
  • Does your research effort require “computing resources”?

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  • Local Binderies
  • Theses/Dissertations
  • To have your theses or dissertations bound, the above “local binders” can possibly bind theses and dissertations as well. Call them for information. The below vendors may also be able to bind personal copies of books.

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Aug 24, 15

"providing details of changes of ownership and/or custody that may be significant in terms of authority, integrity, and interpretation."

  • Encoded Archival Description (EAD)
  •   There is currently no means of recording this information in DC metadata: it can not be recorded as a value of dc:description as it is not "An account of the content of the resource". The introduction of this element allows the metadata creator to capture this information.

  • This document defines a standard set of metadata elements  used to describe an electronic thesis or dissertation.
  • A date associated with an  event in the life cycle of the resource. In the case of  theses and dissertations, this should be the date that  appears on the title page
  • The nature or genre of  the content of a resource.

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  • Use the SUBSTITUTE function when you want to replace text based on its content, not position.
  • Use SUBSTITUTE to replace text based on content. Use REPLACE when to replace text based on its location
  • SUBSTITUTE is case-sensitive and does not support wildcards.
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