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Monica Rivero

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  • submitting corrected manuscripts
  • prevent students from creating a new submission for the same degree, while allowing legitimate multiple submissions (for different degrees) by the same student.

  • September/October 2008
  • introduce djatoka, an open source JPEG 2000 image server
  • feature digitized images of marvelous historical manuscripts from the collections of the British Library and the University of Ghen

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  • DSpace 5.4–Bug Fixes
  • Google Scholar metadata did not guarantee proper ordering of authors
  • Search / Browse fixes (Discovery/Solr) for JSPUI and XMLUI

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  • In ubuntu gutsy this package in bundled with poppler-utils so we need to install this package.

  • PDF that needs to be sliced and diced so different parts can be sent to clients or other departments.
  • automated with Acrobat JavaScript.
  • Page extraction is performed with the doc.extractPages() function. This function takes three input arguments: The page numbers for the beginning and end of the extraction, and a path to a PDF file where the extracted pages are saved.

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  • Maps with large details may be adequately digitized at 300-ppi, though maps with very small details may require 600-ppi resolution or higher. Large file sizes may be worth the extra detail clarity for some items
  • Recommended Minimum Capture Summary
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