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Matt Renfroe

Matt Renfroe's Public Library

May 21, 09

Cloud storage for docs, pictures and audio. Information is accessible via iPhone/iPod touch.

Mar 27, 09

Another easy option to create fun feedback.

  • rather than simply reading from the Web, people everywhere are now creating online content
  • new focus on innovation, creation, and collaboration, and an emphasis on collective knowledge over static information delivery
  • Blogs, wikis, and online office applications also give users tools for creating information and collaborating in its management
Feb 25, 09

Great way to suport informal learning. Site where users can submit videos to a community. Site can be open, moderated or private.

Feb 16, 09 provides free, customisable flash templates to embed into blogs, wikis and websites.

  • Tutu’s examples included: Mother Theresa, Nelson Madiba Mandela, Dalai Lama, Mahatma Gandhi, a Martin Luther King Jr., and Dietrich Bonhoeffer.
  • Kathryn Ballou, the new dean of nursing at Graceland University calls herself a servant-leader. In a recent interview she said, “I am a servant leader. I try to be transparent; there is very little I keep from my faculty. When we share as much information as humanly possible, we are bonded together...I don't like the phrase 'buy-in,' because it's not from the top down that we work, but it is collaboratively among participants.”

  • Wolfskehl, for example, would clear the snow from employees' cars on wintry days. Other proponents step in for absent staff rather than expecting others to shoulder the burden.
  • Weinzweig and Saginaw practice what might be called reverse delegation--constantly asking employees, "What can I do for you?" and usually doing it. "People give me assignments all the time," says Weinzweig. "Sometimes I'm the note-taker. Sometimes I'm the cleaner-upper. Sometimes I bring food to the meetings. Sometimes I'm on my hands and knees wiping up what people spilled." When Weinzweig visits the company's Roadhouse restaurant, busy wait staff don't hesitate to request that he serve patrons or bus tables. "We have to learn to be good followers," says Weinzweig.

  • First, the higher you rise, the harder you must work for others; no kicking back in the Barcalounger of success allowed. Second, although you hold formal authority over employees, you must treat them like customers and, when reasonable, do their bidding. Third, when your desires and the needs of your organization conflict, your desires draw the low card. "It's a big change from the way we're socialized to think about success," says Weinzweig. "When you've put so much energy into getting to a leadership position, this is hard."
Feb 11, 09

Build widgets to share music, video and images.

  • Coaching is when a more experienced team member gives advice to a less experienced team member. Coaching can be implemented by assigning a mentor to the new employee.  This mentor could provide prescriptive advice on how to perform the skills of a real estate agent.  The mentor could encourage and model teamwork. The mentors could provide positive self-esteem that would help prevent employees from getting discouraged.
  • Feedback is another way to help the performance of new employee.  Feedback is a message meant to alter an individual’s behavior.  Feedback could be implemented by sending out customer survey forms on the new employee and then returning the results to the specific employee.  This would determine if the new employee is meeting the customer’s needs.
Feb 05, 09

Online collaborative tool to create presentations. Integrate text, video, maps, photos and more.

Nov 19, 08

Allows you to put your images and music into a slideshow. Very "Mtv" and exciting videos!

Nov 18, 08

Cool and easy desktop sharing application. Integrates with your IM and even allows others to control your desktop.

Oct 08, 08

Great thoughts about student/teacher perspectives on integrating Web 2.0 into the classroom.

Oct 07, 08

Talk about productivity, bookmarklets save you time and energy! This list has 10 useful bookmarklets to simplify your life.

Oct 06, 08

Not a complete listing, but a huge clearinghouse of Web 2.0 applications broken down into categories.

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