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25 Feb 14

ANDS #CCAEducause

06 Feb 14

Serendip-o-matic connects your sources to digital materials located in libraries, museums, and archives around the world. By first examining your research interests, and then identifying related content in locations such as the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA), Europeana, and Flickr Commons, our serendipity engine helps you discover photographs, documents, maps and other primary sources.

05 Feb 14


VideoScribe gives you the tools to explain, market and explore your product or service quickly and easily in a unique and engaging way."

03 Feb 14

"Study world-class courses for free - and count them towards real qualifications!"

22 Jan 14

16 secrets of Google Drive #chromeedu

22 Jan 14

George Siemens to Lead Digital Learning Research at UT-Arlington - @gsiemens Congratulations!

22 Jan 14

SJSU SLIS Hyperlinked Library Certification: Peta Hopkins received credit from The Hyperlinked Library MOOC.

22 Jan 14

Why we need our own language to talk about MOOCs: @jillian6475 < substantive collection of links too

22 Jan 14

For those who asked me y tech changes r disruptive 2 education, this might provide an answer

22 Jan 14

Google Docs has added a Research tool w/citation support (non-APA format, sorry :) #edtech #highered

22 Jan 14

I think this is the nectar referred to #CCAEducause

22 Jan 14

“@lifehacker: Need a place to test your HTML/CSS and JavaScript code? Paste HTML makes it really easy:” #inn530

22 Jan 14

“@TheLiB: MUST READ! ebook plan for libraries & publishers by Iris Jastram & Steve Lawson - #hcod #ebookrights” #inn531

22 Jan 14

@malbooth presentation on slideshare #CCAEducause

22 Jan 14

Excellent Blog post by Jenny responding to Attacks on connectivism: Supports @gsiemens @downes #cck11

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