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Jul 30, 15

Hundreds of examples - the entire Scholastic book is here

Jul 29, 15

Although the growing awareness of "mindfulness" has made it the latest buzzword craze, the spate of blogs, pamphlets and guides (an inevitable Pearson product) shouldn't overshadow the real value of the concept. This provides heavy clinical proof of the value of mindfulness as part of healthy living. Education means more than the development of human resources, it means the development of human beings

Jul 29, 15

Academic work for the fiercely competitive is similar to streetfight - whatever works is fair. For some students, and history teachers preparing to teach content they barely learned themselves, this form of note-taking may be more effective than the traditional "write as much as you can" method. There's not question it beats the "copy the powerpoint" method/

Jul 29, 15

Teachers can invest three minutes in reading this article to gain a greater appreciation for the need to change the question/response style of what passes for classroom "discussion". It makes the case for time, giving the student who has responded to a question the chance to expand, explain and explore.

  • How many of us, after all, say what we really want to say on the first try? Rather, exploratory talk loops back again and again, as we formulate a thought, refine it, extend it, and complicate it. It’s messy. And we usually do this exploration in the presence of a sympathetic and interested audience that is not pressed for time. In this inviting space, our memory seems to work better—details are recalled, stories and other points of view mysteriously become available. That’s the gift of talk.
  • “We need talk, and a receptive audience, to build understanding and to know what we know.”
  • A colleague of mine has a variation when she gets the inevitable “I don’t know” in response to a question. She responds, “I know you don’t know, honey. But if you did, what would you say?” It feels like nonsense, but it works.

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Jul 23, 15

Teachers can use the information in this article to show students the importance of geography that they may not recognize. Its likely they'll be shocked at the job opportunities in the field/

Jul 23, 15

Although these may be of only passing interest, students and teachers alike gain insight into Hitler's early political career in looking through these pictures of him rehearsing speeches shortly after his release from prison. If we had archival footage of John Kennedy rehearsing for the television debates against Nixon in 1960 they could be used for comparison. Be careful not to overstate the power of Hitler's oratory - any discussion of these photos and his ability to move crowds must be considered alongside the results of the elections themselves.

Jul 23, 15

History focused on individual people at specific moments of time will always be more engaging to students than general trends, definitions and movements. This short article could give teachers a microscopic episode to describe to students as an introduction to the Kansas-Nebraska Act.

Jul 23, 15

Lincoln's 1854 speech provides the best insight into his position on slavery. Careful readers will find the foundation of the Gettysburg address in this language - as well as a great defense of Jefferson's slave holding. Students and teachers who cannot reconcile Jefferson's slave owning, description of Africans in his Notes on Virginia and Sally Hemmings are instructed by Lincoln to look to Jefferson's role in the cession of Virginia land and the Northwest Ordinance instead.

Jul 23, 15

Horace White's description of Lincoln in 1854 gives the reader a better sense of what Lincoln looked like and sounded like. The 1854 debates should perhaps deserve more attention than the 1858 debates to see the formation of Lincoln.s contention that the forefathers planned for the extinction of slavery. This short article has excerpts from White's reflections on Lincoln written in 1908

Jul 23, 15

Filibusters should be included in US History courses as essential content. The centrality of the question slavery in the territories as the main focus of conflict is highlighted by the efforts to expand the United States intro central America. Not only does this shed light on the imperialism of the late 19th century, it raises questions about immigration today. If filibustering is to be included - focusing on WIlliam Walker is the way to do it. This article is a good place for teachers to start

Jul 23, 15

Perhaps this holds a place in the Scientific Revolution. If a teacher could consume the ideas in this article and get a working understanding of the Fermi Paradox into a 30 second to one minute explanation, it would blow students minds. That's just what's needed to give them a sense of the discoveries of the Scientific Revolution.

Jul 20, 15

Oliver Sipple saved Gerald Ford's life by deflecting the would-be assassin's arm just as the gun was aimed at Ford. Sipple was an ex-marine whose life experience after this 1974 event was shaped by the manner in which his homosexuality was made public by his heroism.

Jul 19, 15

The Christiana Riot is ripe for a morality lesson plan weighing obedience to the law against slavery. This lesson is one approach but there are others - consider this alongside John Brown

Jul 18, 15

An essential question of the US History course asks about the best way to promote change. This article speaks to a significant movement in recent American politics that needs to be acknowledged as part of that conversation, Whether it is through this article or another, students should be exposed to this method of promoting change. It should be viewed as analytically as possible, separated from the emotion of the issue involved.

  • Google -- which Schorn notes is free and worked the fastest -- trounced both proprietary products.
  • By searching for a string of three to five nouns in the essays, the search engine missed only two sources.
  • “teachers often find themselves playing an adversarial role as ‘plagiarism police’ instead of a coaching role as educators.”

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Jul 17, 15

Although the guidelines in this document alone are worthy of attention and analysis, it is best for highlighting the importance of education. It's far too easy to make the topic adversarial, not educational

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