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about 17 hours ago

These are focus questions for the book - teachers should make sure to edit these questions to ensure they allow students to exercise critical thinking and reading skills

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Can find lesson plans and supplemental readings here

Aug 28, 16

Ruben R. Puentedura developed SAMR

Aug 23, 16

"Students will use maps to learn about the natural resources of the Northeast;
become familiar with specific map features, including scales, keys, and compass roses;
create maps of the Northeast, indicating all renewable, non-renewable, and recyclable natural resources for each state; and
discuss the similarities and differences between the resources and geography of the Northeast states and possible reasons for these similarities and differences."

Aug 23, 16

This web resource from the University of Wisconsin School Library Education Consortium can be helpful for teachers looking for short videos or links to resources organized around regions in a 4th grade Social Studies class. Not all of the videos, or linked lessons have value, though it will take more digging and review to find that ones that can be used effectively in an inquiry-based, exploratory framework that teaches critical thinking

Aug 23, 16

New Jersey students have already had some experience with the culture of the 1950s through the architecture of these motels at the shore. What lessons can help them shape that historical understanding?

Aug 23, 16

use the U.S. Geography: The West video, travel brochures, the Internet, and other sources to learn about the national parks of the West;
create travel brochures for the national parks of the West, indicating unique geological features and defining aspects of the different parks; and
use what they learn in making their travel brochures to compare and contrast the national parks of the West.

Aug 15, 16

Use this guide written for Europeans considering immigration to Wisconsin in the 1850s as a basis for students to write one for Chatham and the US today.
from the Wisconsin Historical Society

Aug 15, 16

Photos of Augustus Sherman, an amateur photographer who worked as the chief registry clerk on Ellis Island from 1892 until 1925.

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