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Apr 19, 15

The Dental Education Association's investment in critical thinking reinforces the position that the explicit teaching of critical thinking skills are essential to any profession. Notice how the definitions, exercises and questions asked to assess thinking are consistent with the Universal Intellectual Standards outlined by the Critical Thinking Foundation.

Apr 15, 15

The details of this image and the story behind the individuals in it may not be necessary to teach the lesson this image can provide. Imagine if everyone in their families believe in traditional values, would they think the actions of the groom in this wedding photo are part of what they see as a "terrible western influence" on their culture? To some of us, this could be funny, perhaps even awesome - but to others, it is a horrible example of the end of their culture

Apr 10, 15

Article that speaks directly to the role of ports in deciding where to locate a business. Yet this is "The Economist" so there has to be a way to scale this writing down to grade level in order for students to understand it.

Apr 10, 15

This map is a "must-see" for every student exploring issues related to Reconstruction, the Civil Rights Era or the race issue in US History; particularly students who live in New Jersey. Having this up on the screen and letting students look through it is the perfect compliment to whole-class discussion or online forum homework assignment that seeks to find explanations and understanding regarding segregation.

Apr 09, 15

This blog article is a critique of a NY Times article providing background for teachers, this will not help students but will give teachers a quick background in some of the latest concerns of locating businessed in Asia.

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