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Aug 19, 16

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has hit stores.  I found some of the most coolest and most informative news articles to help you get your knowledge up on the next Biggest phablet. Here are 3 of the top stories you should see before you buy the Note 7: 1. The war continues!  What's at stake?? Phablet dominance… That's what!  The good people over at Digital Trends did a great job of putting together a comprehensive guide comparing the new Note 7 to the iPhone 6S Plus.  What side are you on?  I'm an Android myself but lately I've been considering switching sides. Samsung's latest phablet is here. The Galaxy Note 7 adds an iris scanner, USB Type-C, and more to its list of features. Let's see how it stacks up against Apple's largest smartphone - the iPhone 6S Plus. Read the full Digital Trends article here:  Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs. iPhone 6S Plus 2. If you're like me, then you drop your phone a lot.  I finally came to my senses and decided to invest in a case.  I got tired of getting my phone screen fixed or having my face scratched because I was too lazy to get it fixed.  I'm not a bulky phone case kinda guy so it had to fit my needs.  Check out Android Central's article below to find the right case for you new Samsung Galaxy Note 7. What is the best case for your Galaxy Note 7? Whether you have already placed your pre-order, or know that you will be picking one up in the near future, odds are that you want some sort of case to put on your Galaxy Note 7. It could be a clear option to show off the color you picked, or a protective one to keep it safe at work - there are a number of options already available. Click here to read the full Android Central article: Best cases you can buy today for Galaxy Note 7 3. Sorry Techies!! The Note 7 is not running Nougat but i'm sure it'll update it later. It's running Marshmallow, which is not a bad operating system at all. The Note 7 runs Android 6.0.1 out of the box - which, for the time being, is still the latest stable version of the OS. But even without Nougat, Note owners aren't missing out on that much. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 lands at a precarious time on the Android calendar. We're just reaching the end of the Marshmallow era, with final Android 7.0 Nougat code likely to be released in a matter of weeks. By the time the Note 7 hits store shelves in some countries, it could already be running an “old” version of the OS. Read Android Central's full article on the OS here: Galaxy Note 7 ships with Marshmallow, not Nougat – but maybe that's not a huge deal   The Twitterspere Check out what Pocketnow had to say on Twitter… The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 may not improve much on paper, but the new features go very far - Pocketnow (@Pocketnow) August 3, 2016 Yahoo posted an article on Twitter… 5 reasons why the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the big, beautiful phone you should buy – Yahoo … - Samsung Galaxy S7 (@My_Galaxy_S7) August 4, 2016 Check out Samsung's official introduction video…

Aug 11, 16

On the first day of the Democratic National Convention last month, Demetrios Marantis walked into a reception wearing jeans, an open-collared shirt, a little too much stubble and a suntan.

Jul 20, 16

On Tuesday, Rashad Deihim, 21, and Kailyn Bonia, 20, were found guilty of intent to rape, indecent assault and battery on a person over 14, and of kidnapping. Deihim was also found guilty of posing the victim, who was 16, in a nude state.

Jul 08, 16

Orlando Bloom and surfing legend Laird Hamilton played a little game of get in the hole, but this one was more exciting than golf. The competitive juices were flowing Thursday in Malibu with a little Cornhole action. Check out the pics ... they got… Permalink

Mar 19, 16

The Broncos are expected to trade Pro Bowl offensive tackle Ryan Clady after agreeing to a five-year contract with tackle Russell Okung on Thursday.

Mar 15, 16

A mass shooting, allegedly by an Uber driver in Michigan, highlights the complex difficulty of thorougly vetting employees -- and the importance of due diligence.

Mar 11, 16

You will see plenty of smartphones in the developing world and you'll see plenty of TVs; but you're unlikely to see desktop computers in remote areas.

Mar 11, 16

Tilikum, the SeaWorld orca that became a household name after the "Blackfish" documentary is fighting for his life. SeaWorld officials revealed the…

Jan 04, 16

From Mr. T Cups to Bumper Kardashians.

Nov 04, 15

ClearSky Data want to turn data storage into a utility service you rent from the cloud, but which is nevertheless available everywhere you are. It's an ambitious goal. ClearSky Data just announced a $27 million round of funding to help them pursue this goals, with content delivery network (CDN) provider Akamai [...]

Oct 21, 15

This week’s episode of The Future of Work Podcast is with Sree Sreenivansan, who is the Chief Digital Officer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Digital transformation in the workplace is a massive topic, everyone from Chief Human Resource Officers, to people in Innovation and Technology are talking about it. [...]

Oct 12, 15

Sellers of businesses who are residents of zero-income-tax states can reduce their federal income tax burden through a long-used type of trust typically used by residents of high-income-tax states. At first blush,

Oct 03, 15

The Jonathan Papelbon-Bryce Harper dustup, and other clashes over baseball culture, shows that the argument over the "right way" to play baseball is far from over, Ryan Cortes writes.

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