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Oct 11, 15

Characteristics of authentic leaders
– John Kendall (RiscaCCS_Head)

Oct 11, 15

The quietest of people often have the loudest minds.
– banksy (thereaIbanksy)

Oct 04, 15

I need this right now. Too much blood in my caffeine stream. #coffee
– Neil Milliken (NeilMilliken)

Oct 01, 15 < new from the fab @nrichmaths peeps. Open ended maths investigations/ puzzles for 7-16 yo
– Jo Badge (jobadge)

Sep 28, 15

Thus @Prentiz: 'It's a sign he's angry. It also stops bigger Popes attacking his neck.'
– Pádraig Belton (PadraigBelton)

Sep 27, 15

NEW BLOG! Do teachers really support a College of Teachers yet? @TES
– Tom Bennett (tombennett71)

Sep 26, 15

The link to the lovely @AQAMaths free DQs is here. Loads more topics coming this half term :-) #mathsconf5
– Mr Barton (mrbartonmaths)

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