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Lois Lindemann

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13 Apr 14

Oh Myyy. I think they meant "annual." Or maybe they just want everyone to look absolutely everywhere.
– George Takei (GeorgeTakei)

13 Apr 14

Growth Mindset via @goubeauty #sunchat @bethhill2829 @lizdavis2 @Sciology @vhill01 @pernilleripp @jedipadmaster #PLN
– innovation2learn (i2Learn)

12 Apr 14

Twitter should use this during signup to ban idiots from using it.
– Sheldon Jokes* (Sheldon_Jokes)

12 Apr 14

Fractal giraffe.
– Cliff Pickover (pickover)

12 Apr 14

For one glorious hour today, this sign graced The Daily Mail offices. Then they clocked it.
– Crowdwish (crowdwish)

06 Apr 14

Who needs watter to run a Sheffield half marathon?
– Pete McKee (PeteMcKee)

05 Apr 14

This is an interesting thought: 'Technology is a word that describes something that doesn't work yet' - Douglas Adams
– Tom Riley (riley_ed)

05 Apr 14

When one New Zealand school tossed its playground rules and let students risk injury, the results were surprising
– tombarrett (tombarrett)

23 Mar 14

Nothing is impossible! Something to share with the quitters in your class.
– shaun hopper (shaunh0pper)

17 Mar 14

Les virgules, c'est important.
– Je corrige bordel (Bescherelle)

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