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Lois Lindemann

Lois Lindemann's Public Library

Apr 20, 15

TM @HorburyAcademy PPTs can be downloaded here, including @mcladingbowl +@HYWEL_ROBERTS. Vidoes on YouTube soon!
– John Gillard (1johngillard)

Apr 19, 15

Surprising equalities! Make your own examples using (x+(x/(x^n-1))^(1/n)= x(x/(x^n-1))^(1/n).
– Dave Richeson (divbyzero)

Apr 19, 15

Some helpful Yorkshire translation from last years Tour de France
– Penny (digitaldaisies)

Mar 18, 15

ha ha outstanding! RT @grahamandre: A4: I use it for myself I have my own chart with behaviours :-) #dojochatEU
– macfloss (macfloss)

Mar 11, 15

“@cazzwebbo: Spell stuff right :)” Making knowledge accessible is powerful! @SAIEL_DECD
– Kerry Kavanagh (kavanagh_kerry)

Mar 01, 15

God this is good >> Marvellous Mathematical Takedown Of A Motivational Poster via @davowillz
– Carl Hendrick (C_Hendrick)

Feb 14, 15

Classified--under amazing.
– George Takei (GeorgeTakei)

Feb 01, 15

Regardless of your dietary preferences, it's a funny #pun.
– Grammarly (Grammarly)

Jan 27, 15

I literally have nothing.
– Katie (KatieEwen123)
I literally have nothing.
– Katie (KatieEwen123)

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