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Lois Lindemann

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Nov 01, 15

You might see a bird flying but I prefer to imagine it's a rabbit doing an impressive long jump on skis
– Ash Warner (AlsBoy)

Nov 01, 15

Sadly, couldn't get a picture before the frog made the jump to lightspeed
– D.J. Stone (SteampunkStone)

Nov 01, 15

A few pics earlier captured by our volunteer Carl on his way to his shift. #LondonFog
– Tower RNLI (TowerRNLI)

Nov 01, 15

Wow! RT @sarahjwells: Flew into foggy London. Views are beautiful - this is the Shard and all the towers in the city
– Lizzie Boyle (lizzieboylesays)

Nov 01, 15

Classic: CIA advice from 1944 on how to sabotage and slow down an organisation.
– Bodil Isaksen (BodilUK)

Oct 31, 15

Guy on right is the husband of my friend. Guy on left is a STRANGER he met on a flight last night!
– James Grime (jamesgrime)

Oct 30, 15

I'll have a biscuit please Bob.
– Mathematical_A (Mathematical_A)

Oct 29, 15

– New Scientist (newscientist)

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