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  • Sawdog is a script which informs the sysops of mission critical servers in the case of a failure, like a sort of watchdog. The script executes a given set of Expect scripts, and if one of the Expect scripts fails, it sends an email or an SMS, or executes a command. You can probe for more than just reachability because the Expect scripts can check if the responses on the ports are correct. - Mohan on 2006-09-24

  • NSAT is a robust scanner which is designed for:

    * Different kinds of wide-ranging scans, keeping stable for days
    * Scanning on multi-user boxes (local stealth and non-priority scanning options)
    * Professional-grade penetration testing and comprehensive auditing
    * Easy full-scale archiving of vulnerability and version information for further purposes
    * Time-less configuration - as a banner scanner for many known services and protocols
    * Virtual host support, host/network exclusion support
    * Flexibility and configurable scanning
    * Distributed scanning (new feature; beta status)
    - Mohan on 2006-09-24

  • a lot of incitefull programming quotes - Mohan on 2006-09-07


  • Interesting comparison of different frameworks - Mohan on 2006-07-17
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