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      For anyone having the Touch Keyboard Toolbar problem with VMware. The solution is very simple.


      VMware adds Touchscreen support to the standard hardware for the guest even if the host machine doesn't have Touchscreen support. That's why VMware VMs using Windows 8 automatically have "Pen and Touch" and "Tablet PC Settings" in the Control Panel and also why the Virtual Keyboard Toolbar keeps showing up in the taskbar.


      The virtual touchscreen hardware is available even before VMware Tools is installed and Windows is always trying to install the drivers for it.


      There are two options to get rid of the Touchscreen driver


      1. Go to the Device Manager / Human Interface Devices

      • Right-click Properties on each "USB Input Device" until you find the one with the format: Port_#0001 Hub_#0003
      • Right-click / Disable that device (This is the VMware Touchscreen device)

      2. The better solution to completely stop the Touchscreen device from trying to load:

      • Shut down the Virtual Machine
      • Open up the Virtual Machine .vmx file into notepad.

      Find the line:


      touchscreen.vusb.present = "TRUE"


      and change it to read:


      touchscreen.vusb.present = "FALSE"

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