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May 23, 15

"Quettra is breaking some new ground here, but all the same, it’s not the only one that is looking at ways of creating products that help personalise apps. AppBoy is working on ways of improving smart notifications, while another startup called Sensiya is also offering an SDK to developers to get a better idea of the preferences of their individual users."

  • 1. Google Analytics Academy [FREE]


    Google Analytics has their very own online course. In the courses, created by Justin Cutroni, you will learn about understanding Google Analytics data, and how to collect actionable insights from it. The course is completely free of charge and consists of 6 units of training including a final assessments, and 2 video events.


    Learn more about Google Analytics Academy


    2. Getting Started with Google Analytics by Eugene Opera [FREE]


    Eugene Opera has two courses over at Udemy that discuss Google Analytics. The first course ‘Getting Started with Google Analytics’ is free of charge and covers… you guessed it, the basics of Google Analytics. Although the instructor holds less authority than Google’s own Justin Cutroni, the Udemy courses do allow you to download them and view them while offline, like during your commute to work.


    Learn more about Getting Started with Google Analytics


    3. Lean Analytics Workshop by Ben Yoskovitz and Alistair Croll [FREE]


    ‘Lean’ seems to be what everybody is talking about (and eating) these days. To accompany their 2013 published book Lean Analytics authors and online experts Ben Yoskovitz and Alistair Croll have released a free Udemy course detailing many of the topics discussed in their book. From Good Metrics vs Bad Metrics to the One Metric That Matters. It discusses their Lean Analytics Framework and Lean Analytics Framework too.


    Learn more about Lean Analytics Workshop

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