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about 1 hour ago

he AAPT ComPADRE Digital Library is a network of free online resource collections supporting faculty, students, and teachers in Physics and Astronomy Education.

Each of our collections contain materials designed for a specific group or course. Browse below to find a collection right for you.

about 8 hours ago

SCS Middle School Science is a new, inquiry-based multidisciplinary science program funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Institute for Education Sciences, and available from BSCS. The program comprises four units: Earth/Space Science, Life Science, Physical Science, and Science and Society. Designed with maximum flexibility, each unit within the program can be used as a stand-alone to fit the needs of the classroom.

The curriculum is available online only and is free for classroom use to teachers who agree to provide usability data and complete student pre-tests and post-tests.

about 8 hours ago

The following resources were developed for classroom use by high school biology teachers who participated in MCB-HHMI Outreach's Summer 2009 "Experimental Biology and Multimedia Workshop". This year's topic was "Physiology".

Keep in mind that lesson formats vary greatly because each was developed with a particular classroom in mind. All lessons align with state and national science standards as described within the lesson or in an accompanying file.

Aug 26, 16

OBIS is an outdoor program that offers young people fun and challenging opportunities to investigate ecological relationships in their local environment.

The 97 OBIS activities, which take youngsters outdoors to investigate biology and to increase their environmental awareness can be used together or individually.

Aug 26, 16

Facing the Future resources include:

Curriculum resources on global issues and sustainable solutions, including student textbooks, teacher lesson plans, and thematic units that contain both lessons and student readings
Action and service learning information and opportunities

Aug 12, 16

@MissCheska We'd say @Planboard but may be slightly biased ;) See what other teachers are saying at the bottom here

Aug 06, 16

Direct Measurement Videos are short, high-quality videos of real events that allow students to easily explore physical phenomena. Many of the videos are paired with classroom-ready activities that integrate videos into the introductory mechanics curriculum.

Jul 31, 16

@MissCheska I think you might enjoy reading this article about these 29 blogging tips for 2016

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