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Nov 29, 15

This collection has been developed to introduce students to new concepts. By walking through the still images and movie included for each topic, viewers are in control of choosing the learning style that best fits their needs.

Nov 19, 15

My Thanksgiving page has showing gratitude each day #edbeat #FLedchat #ThankfulEd

Nov 19, 15

“Systems Thinking” and “Systems Doing”

Nov 19, 15

"This is a collection of labs that pertain to the NYS Regents Living Environment/Biology Curriculum.  
The labs are organized by units/topics and may be downloaded and used for non-profit educational use.  
Many thanks to Mr. Jim Buckley and other science teachers who have sha"

  • crystal


      solid chemical substance with a regular repeating arrangement of its ato

Nov 02, 15

The virtual labs are fully interactive biomedical laboratory simulations in which students perform experiments, collect data, and answer questions to assess their understanding. The labs combine animations, illustrations, and videos to convey key information and engage students in the process of science.

Oct 25, 15

This lesson unit is intended to help you assess how well students are able to interpret distance–time graphs and, in particular, to help you identify students who:

Interpret distance–time graphs as if they are pictures of situations rather than abstract representations of them.
Have difficulty relating speeds to slopes of these graphs.

Oct 19, 15

Here you can find suggested Earth science related activities. Most are categorized based on the Next Generation Science Standards, and the earlier National Science Education Standards. Activities are also marked with an appropriate grade level. These Earth science activities are fun and educational. To access these activities, click on the activity name in the chart below.

Oct 19, 15

The Earth is approximately 4,000 miles from the center to its surface, but what makes up those miles of earth? Let's take a journey inside.

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