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Mireille Jansma

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  • lters, use different brightness/contrast settings (it’s even one of the steps to posting a photo), etc., to make the pictures look the best they possibly can. This means the content on Instagram is normally “better” (photo-wis

  • 4th of December 2014. Skype interviews will be held on th

  • This has been on my mind for a while.

    When I was in college at UC Berkeley, my first philosophy teacher was a very famous iconoclastic philosopher of science, Paul Feyerabend. Look him up on Wikipedia.

    He argued vociferously, and quite persuasively, that far from being a gradual, rational, "building of ideas" process, science (and he also argued there really is not such thing as some "monolithic thing" called science) was a hurly burly affair, a power struggle, more often po...

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