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Mar 16, 12

Not every trusted source can be trusted...all the time.

Secret School learners --- remember to suspend judgement, it's an important learners skill.

That said, I'm impressed with how Mr. Glass is handling this issue!

Feb 09, 12

Here's a great article that pulls back the curtain a bit more on Steve Jobs. Jerry Manock was there at the beginning...and he has some insights into the Apple's co-founder that could just become lessons for all of us in Secret School.

Feb 07, 12

This is worth noting, reflecting upon and reviving your innovative spirit for: what you are doing today to put beans on the table may not even be the most important way you put beans on the table 5 years from now.

Jan 26, 12

This article is a realty sandwich! Eat it. Chew it slowly. And work through the implications for you, your work and the work of your children.

I'll be thinking also of the future of my grandchildren!

Nov 30, 11

“And no, we don’t know where it will lead. We just know there’s something much bigger than any of us here.”

This is just one of 7 iGraphics that quote in tribute Steve Jobs of Apple fame.

Many of them could easily apply to the vision Doug Mitchell and I have for Secret School of Business. Read these quotes with THAT point of view and you'll see you are part of something very special.

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