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Dec 28, 15

My advice? Always check your credit card bills. Get online access to your statement and check what is being charged to your account on a weekly basis, especially if you travel and use your credit card often as part of your work.

Report anything that doesn't make sense. Chances are your credit card details have been leaked somewhere. Treat that as a reality.

Dec 13, 15

I use a couple of these, and couldn't really function without TripIt to be honest, but I might have to check out one or two of the ones I've not used yet, like Loungebuddy. What are your go-to travel apps?

Nov 14, 15

This is an important lesson for photographers, or anyone traveling with technology of any kind. I know I am paranoid about having my camera bag swiped when I'm traveling around with that, and just as paranoid when I'm hauling all of my tech stuff for work!

Oct 08, 15

Honestly, I haven't given much thought to boarding passes. When I have a printed one, I typically hang on to it and throw it away once I reach my destination, assuming that once the flight has been completed, it has no value. (I am crazy about not losing it before a flight, out of what is probably an irrational fear of someone else boarding the plane in my place, but hey, it's my fear.)

Given all of the information about me that is available in the text, let alone the barcode, I should probably hang on to all of them until I get home and shred them though, instead of tossing them at the hotel. Or, always just use electronic ones, which stores them on my phone, but really,aren't we all taking precautions to protect all of the other data that's on our phones anyway?

Aug 27, 15

I have often wondered as I spend hours on airplanes how come attendants don't have individual information about you already. You have an assigned seat, when you scan your boarding pass, they know it's you and address you by name, so why is it that once I'm on the plane, no one has any idea.

Think if the efficiency that could be driven this way. I could have preferences saved for meals, drinks, etc. Stored credit card information for making in-flight purchases, or the data could be used to quickly identify someone with medical training, or emergency response training.

As long as it's only storing data I'm already providing as part of the mileage program, why not use that data on the plane too?

Aug 26, 15

Darn, now they're going to expect me to answer emails on the plane too. There goes my one chance for being unplugged! ;-)

Jul 13, 15

This, and the other feature mentioned in the article, having the app tell you when you're approaching a railroad crossing, seem like really good ideas to me. I've known plenty of places over the years where turning left was a fool's game, and found ways to route around that. You should have the option to turn that on the same way you can avoid tolls, right?

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