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Sep 29, 15

Neville does a good job of identifying some of the shortcomings of Facebook's new Notes update in terms of thinking about using it for "blog" posts.

It's nice that he went and shared those so I didn't have to spend time finding them myself. ;-)

Do you plan on making use of Facebook Notes?

Sep 18, 15

This is a great story, and a great example of what I keep telling people about social media. Yes, it can be a source of stupidity, if you're not following people you actually care about, or are providing interesting ideas. But it can also be a great way to keep in contact with people you do care about, or even find people from the past who you care about and have lost touch with.

As a person who lives far away from some of my favorite people on the planet, I love being able to see what they're up to, how their kids are growing, and so on. I also love being able to learn from some great minds, and read what they are sharing.

Social media has great personal, and professional, value to me. Value that far outweighs some of the downsides.

Aug 29, 15

It's coming, the tipping point where running a for-profit website based on advertising revenue is unsustainable, and I agree, publishers have only themselves to blame. The advertising, click-bait, crap that passes for news today is beyond annoying.

But what will be left? A few big players and a bunch of folks who do it for the love of writing, sharing, connecting, etc. That might be about it.

Aug 20, 15

I can't imagine anything that condemns the current state of corporate intranets than LinkedIn thinking they could do a better job of connecting coworkers with each other from the outside than companies do internally. Then again, in many cases they probably can!

Aug 17, 15

I will admit that I am guilty of number 5, not paying attention to LinkedIn as much as I should. Are you guilty of any of these? Do you think less of people who are?

Jul 30, 15

How would you feel if your employer asked you to "spread the word" on your personal social media profiles? Would you do it happily? Would you consider it? Would you refuse?

I firmly believe the answer to that question depends on two things.

One, if you don't believe in your company and what they do, I'd be willing to bet you would not like the idea of sharing their message with your social connections.

Two, if you've had an online presence, or "brand" if you will, for awhile I think you'd likewise be less likely to want to share their message. Not because you don't believe it, but because you are thinking more about how it appears to the people who follow you.

Now if both of those things are true, just forget it, unless they tell you it's required, in which case maybe a new job is in order.

Personally, I do occasionally share some Nuix-related stuff, especially when it involves the training classes I'm teaching. I see no conflict there. I don't share everything though, because I don't want my personal sites, or personal social media profiles to become nothing more than a corporate mouthpieces. It's still me here at the end of the day. Heck, I've changed companies 4 times since starting a blog, that history means something more than all that.

Jul 07, 15

Can't say enough about the importance of considering your personal brand when it comes to social networks, blogs, and other online presence. There simply is no excuse these days for not networking, connecting with folks in your industry and using these tools in some way to show off your knowledge and skills. It absolutely helps you stand out when a recruiter or potential employer can look back at years worth of posts and gain insight into how you think how you solve problems, how you interact with others that they can't get in an interview with other candidates.

Of course, that also assumes you're not ruining your brand on social media too, but you know better than that, right?

May 16, 15

-- This is interesting for anyone who manages more than one Twitter account.

May 05, 15

I've often said to those who complain that social networks are full of noise and stupidity, that they are the ones doing it wrong. Try following different people!

Mar 20, 15

-- I find this to be basically true. I like using social media, but for me it's partially due to being an introvert. The larger reason is that I live so far from my friends, and travel often, so it's the best way I have to keep in touch easily.

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