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Sep 26, 15

This is a pretty impressive list. some of these I didn't even know existed.

Might be worth a few minutes to see if anything catches your fancy.

Sep 15, 15

As a blogger, I'm very much looking forward to the ability to have an article open with the Wordpress app next to you instead of constantly going back and forth between apps or Safari tabs on my iPad. It's closer to what I would normally do when writing on a laptop or at my desk with multiple monitors.

It might not be as cool as multiple monitors, but that solution doesn't travel well. ;-)

Also, better battery life and efficient use of storage on my 16GB iPhone is something else I'm looking forward to as well, assuming it works out that way.

Are you looking forward to iOS9?

Sep 07, 15

As the owner of a 16GB iPhone 5 myself, I'm happy to see Apple addressing the storage issues with iOS 9. Of course, the question becomes will I be able to upgrade this phone to iOS 9 or will I have to get a newer model? Guess we'll find out!

Jul 19, 15

This is actually really cool for me. Let me tell you why. As much as I travel for work, and spend so much time on airplanes, in cabs, on public transport, on shuttles between Corvallis and the Portland Airport, and so on, you'd think I'd get a lot of reading done. But I don't. I'm very susceptible to motion sickness when I try and read. Basically, the motion of what I'm traveling in can cause my to get very, very dizzy if I'm trying to focus my eyes on what I'm reading at the same time. Now sometimes, it's not an issue. If a flight is smooth and lacks much turbulence, I might be fine. If it's turbulent, I really can't read anything, and cars/buses/trains are just right out. So, while I use Pocket to save things that I come across that I want to read, or want to think about blogging about, etc. often times I can't catch up on it while traveling the way others might. If I can close my eyes and have Pocket read them to me though, that opens up some real possibilities. I'm looking forward to that on my next trip!

Feb 16, 13

This could be useful while traveling, or otherwise needing to pay attention to where you're going and still listen to email.

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