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Sep 22, 15

Aside from passing off your location from somewhere else to get around blocks, get yourself some sort of VPN to use when you're on public wifi networks. One that's a browser plugin sounds like an easy to use one. Anyone installed these browser extensions yet?

What do you use to protect your data when browsing on a public network?

Sep 15, 15

As a blogger, I'm very much looking forward to the ability to have an article open with the Wordpress app next to you instead of constantly going back and forth between apps or Safari tabs on my iPad. It's closer to what I would normally do when writing on a laptop or at my desk with multiple monitors.

It might not be as cool as multiple monitors, but that solution doesn't travel well. ;-)

Also, better battery life and efficient use of storage on my 16GB iPhone is something else I'm looking forward to as well, assuming it works out that way.

Are you looking forward to iOS9?

Sep 04, 15

I haven't yet panicked, but this occurred during a time when I was traveling, and spending time in airports and various other places where finding something on Twitter on the iPad and wanting to save it for later would be incredibly useful. That's what Pocket is for, that's why I use it.

Unfortunately, those same services that we find very, very useful, and come to rely upon, can create quite a bit of havoc when they are not working, as we see in this article! Think about it, how would you react if you couldn't see your notes in Evernote, or couldn't bring up your itinerary in the Tripit app? What's the backup strategy for your important information? Do you keep it in two different services? Do you print it?

How do you avoid getting burned when a service is unavailable?

Aug 29, 15

It's coming, the tipping point where running a for-profit website based on advertising revenue is unsustainable, and I agree, publishers have only themselves to blame. The advertising, click-bait, crap that passes for news today is beyond annoying.

But what will be left? A few big players and a bunch of folks who do it for the love of writing, sharing, connecting, etc. That might be about it.

Aug 27, 15

Some of these aren't that simple to be honest. On the other hand, if we could tech people to properly backup their stuff, protect themselves from malware, and keep their information private, we'd go a long way towards making using a computer less painful.

So, take a look and see which of these tips could save you some day.

For the techie folks out there, what would your top ten list look like?

Aug 27, 15

Generally speaking, I like the idea. Where it falls flat for me is when someone sends me their travel itinerary so that I know their coming and goings, and Google adds the trip to my calendar.

If they can get a filter for that sort of thing, that would be great. Are you listening Google?

Aug 20, 15

The exposure to being hacked raises a lot of questions about the so-called Internet of Things. If everything is connected to the Net, then everything is tracking you. That information is valuable in and of itself to hackers looking to embarrass or blackmail people.

But, as bad as that is, what is worse is the ability of hackers to actually take control of those devices, especially when talking about medical devices, or transportation. Given the number of hacks that have already been reported, and the severity of them, I have little faith that anyone can truly protect our information or devices.

Maybe I'm just a pessimist. What do you think?

Aug 08, 15

Can we really be surprised? This is why I've written before that while using mobile technology to replace banks for many people impossible, the security has to get better!

Jul 19, 15

This is actually really cool for me. Let me tell you why. As much as I travel for work, and spend so much time on airplanes, in cabs, on public transport, on shuttles between Corvallis and the Portland Airport, and so on, you'd think I'd get a lot of reading done. But I don't. I'm very susceptible to motion sickness when I try and read. Basically, the motion of what I'm traveling in can cause my to get very, very dizzy if I'm trying to focus my eyes on what I'm reading at the same time. Now sometimes, it's not an issue. If a flight is smooth and lacks much turbulence, I might be fine. If it's turbulent, I really can't read anything, and cars/buses/trains are just right out. So, while I use Pocket to save things that I come across that I want to read, or want to think about blogging about, etc. often times I can't catch up on it while traveling the way others might. If I can close my eyes and have Pocket read them to me though, that opens up some real possibilities. I'm looking forward to that on my next trip!

Jul 19, 15

This is cool if you have no other choice. Personally, I hook up Outlook to sync with gmail and export everything to a PST as my backup, which is a whole lot easier to deal with than having a single text file for every email, but if you don't have anything else to create an email archive with, I guess this is one way to make sure you save a copy of your messages in case Gmail ever goes away, or deactivates your account. Which we know does happen!

Jul 17, 15

Malwarebytes has been one of my go-to resources for years when helping people clean up infected machines. Interesting to see them dip into a tool for Macs, which obviously can, and do, get malware as well!

Jul 08, 15

Stop what you are doing and grab this patch. This security flaw is already out in the wild, attached to some of the nastiest malware out there. Get the update if you have Flash installed. (And you probably do!)

Jul 06, 15

This is pretty cool, over 200 YouTube videos created by a Princeton professor about networking. You could do worse than keep these bookmarked to learn about computer networks!

Jun 24, 15

Don't get too excited, it's only a 30 second delay for cases where you immediately realize you hit send before you were ready. It will not help you recover that email you sent while you were drinking last night. ;-)

Jun 14, 15

Interesting discussion. It has failed to live up to the big dreams of early adopters, but to say it's failed is more than I am willing to say. Like anything new, it's brought about profound change, for good and bad.

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