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about 1 hour ago

Russ, Russ, Russ. Maybe it's a good thing the season is starting so people can pay attention to what happens on the field. This is really dangerous, and pretty much illegal.

This is one side of athletes and celebs using social media that is not a positive move, using the tools as a way to pitch products that they have investment in. It's always been a thing to use athletes for endorsements, but when you let them have full control over the "pitch", they may say things that are not helpful to the company being pitched. Or, in this case, make claims that amount to false advertising. Not cool Russell, and so offensive to all those families dealing with the aftermath of brain injuries caused by multiple concussions.

about 24 hours ago

"To be clear, the athletic department cannot be trusted. An internal memo details the department’s fears that graduation rates will drop should public administration no longer be offered. Instead of saying, “If our players are congregating around one not-that-popular major and we realize it is one of the only ones they can pass, we have completely failed them,” the people in charge said, “Man, we gotta save that major.”

Then they offered money to keep it going. That money wasn’t accepted, but it should be the last reminder we need that it’s far past time to stop pretending that big-time football and academics are working in harmony."

To be fair, this investigation is at Auburn, but it could easily be the same at most big-time college football programs. They are big business, and at best a money-making arm of an actual academic institution.

Aug 23, 15

You know what? They make a valid point. If a professional athlete sitting in the dugout and paying attention to the game can't react fast enough to avoid getting hit, what chance does a fan sitting right behind the dugout have? As much as we all like the chance at catching a foul ball, or not having to watch the game through netting, Gose's comments have me thinking entirely differently about this. Let's get some fan protection in there.

Aug 21, 15

This is actually a huge shift for OSU, even if it's only for a small subset of fans at the actual game.

But it makes sense, college athletics is big-business, and like any big business, why would you let a revenue stream go untapped? If you walk around Columbus prior to a game, it's clear that plenty of folks are drinking before entering the stadium. Here in Corvallis, and other stadiums in PAC-12 land last season, I got to see the ritual of half the stadium leaving at halftime to go grab a couple of drinks before coming back into the stadium. Why let someone else sell that alcohol?

Aug 20, 15

The pattern continues. Former NFL player = depression, mental health issues, suicide. It is troubling, and something we should maybe take seriously, how to do a better job of preventing this, and helping former players.

Aug 17, 15

Disappointed. I was hoping this might drop the NCAA bro utter chaos and something better could be formed out of the ashes.

Aug 12, 15

I will admit to not being an MMA fan, at all. I've never even watched single fight, and really have no interest in doing so. But with all the media attention Ronda has gotten lately, it';s hard not to know who she is, and I will also admit that the more I read about her, the more she sounds like a great role model.

Aug 10, 15

"[My ex-wife] Karen, in 1988 she diagnosed me with manic depression, and I thought she was just like the group of guys that wanted to always put me in this box. So we had problems after that, and I never really listened, nor did I step up to the plate and do something about it. My life spiraled out of control for years, for years, but today, guys, I am getting back into the locker room, to my teammates, and tell them guys the mistakes that I've made, and that the only way that you can grow is that you've got to ask for help. "

Good for you Charles, both for getting help and overcoming your issues, and also for speaking up in the midst of a football culture that does not encourage people to seek help.

Aug 10, 15

It's hard to argue with the intent, but this is a controversy waiting to happen.

Aug 07, 15

I always knew the Boys were ahead of their time, and that they had some smart people running things back then.

Aug 01, 15

First, I know the Islanders haven't won a playoff series since, but looking back on it makes it seem so long ago.

Second, am I the only one who still sees that replay and gets violently angry at Dale Hunter?

Jul 30, 15

That's a whole lot of starters to lose for a game in Blacksburg, but with this much time to prepare for the game, I fully expect Urban to have some tricks up his sleeve, especially when it comes to the H-back position. Braxton should have plenty of opportunities at the H-back spot, and I wouldn't be surprised to see the Buckeyes with all three QB's on the field at the same time. In the end though, it's going to be about the offensive line and Ezekiel Elliott though, with so many weapons in the passing game out.

Jul 30, 15

This seems like a bad idea. Then again, as we see with the multi-million dollar stadiums built for the World Cup in Rio that are basically empty now, maybe hosting these types of events is a bad idea all the way around.

Jul 29, 15

The cover up is always worse than the crime. I mean if Le'Veon Bell gets two games for DUI and marijuana possession, the severity of Brady's suspension is completely ridiculous, but when a player has the audacity to defy Roger, look out!

Jul 28, 15

The NFL sure makes it hard to be a fan sometimes, but they also know as popular as fantasy football is, they'll always have an audience.

Jul 25, 15

What are the chances of Grienke and Niese both having kids the day they were scheduled to pitch against each other?

Jul 24, 15

It's easy to forget that athletes are people with families and problems like the rest of us, and getting traded means more than a new team. Good for Cleveland to recognize that.

Jul 23, 15

Wow. Never would have thought Lou would leave New Jersey for another team, but he's back to being a GM. You have to wonder if he can repeat the magic in Toronto though. Lou is used to being THE voice when it comes to hockey decisions, and Toronto has a few guys who are also used to that position. This being Toronto it'll either be a turning point, or even more dysfunction.

Jul 19, 15

It all comes down for me to whether the NHL knew, or didn't know. If the league and owners knew, and kept throwing players out there the way Nicholls describes, the have a lot to answer for.

Jul 19, 15

Every once in a while something like this happens and we all wonder about the safety of being out on the open road. But then, the Tour wouldn't be the Tour if you changed that. Hopefully the sport is cleaned up enough that it can start to shed the image of doping, but I also understand the skepticism of fans when one rider, and team, seems to be doing so much better than the rest. Still, that's no reason to throw urine at anyone. Yuck!

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