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about 5 hours ago

Obviously the English fans are only starting to figure out what we in the US have known for years. The money in sports comes from television, not stadium attendance, thus it's television that gets the final say. Get used to it EPL fans, it's not going away.

Jul 02, 15

Always fun to read stories highlighting the teams and players you will never see on TV, and who are really just enjoying playing the games.

Jun 30, 15

What's interesting about this is the timing. Obviously with Deflategate there was an inability to get texts from Tom Brady's phone, but having a mobile forensics expert wouldn't have changed that. You need access to the phone. Is the NFL planning on making that part of the CBA, that players have to turn over their phones to provide information to the league in an investigation? Would they actually agree to that? I don't think I would. It's not a matter of having something to hide either, we all have data that just shouldn't be public, or in anyone else's hands, on our devices. Just because I work for a company doesn't give them access to my personal phone. Putting that clause in a player's contract is overreaching, IMHO.

Jun 30, 15

Wasn't this rumor out there about Richards and Carter when they were jettisoned out of Philly? Maybe the problem followed them to LA and included some others? Well, the Kings got a couple of Cups out of the deal.

Jun 25, 15

An interesting point, with all the money that has become involved in fantasy sports over the last few years, are we back in a situation where the shadow of gambling hangs over every result in sports? Do we question every call, bad play, etc. due to the possibility of a big money fantasy matchup being affected by the outcome?

Jun 22, 15

I have never understood how so many people have defended this guy, or believed anything he has ever said. He was a great ballplayer, but also a total douche.

Jun 18, 15

I missed this earlier this week, but rest assured I shall toast the end of an era this evening!

Jun 16, 15

Dear MLB, you can have fan voting and make the All Star game all about fun, or you can have a game that determines home field advantage for the World Series, but you probably shouldn't do both.

Jun 14, 15

I think this is something that we all sort of suspected, but seeing the details and hearing the stories is still pretty stark.

Perhaps the worst part of this is how many "fans" are willing to harass and threaten people who are the victims of a crime in order to win games. If that's you, you are a screwed up human being.

Jun 14, 15

- Would be interesting to see MLB games back in Montreal, but would the nostalgia wear off?

Jun 07, 15

--Glad she is likely going to be ok, such a scary story. I lived in Columbus when Brittanie Cecil was killed at the CBJ game, so I know this could be dangerous. Keep safe at the games folks!

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