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Feb 03, 16

The worst thing about this isn't the suspension, I think he got what you get for hitting an official.

No, the worst part is that Dennis Wideman sat on the bench prepared to take his next shift without anyone batting an eye, when he was so concussed he didn't even see a linesman standing right in front of him.

So much for a concussion protocol.

Feb 03, 16

"In the case of Max Bielfeldt, he never wanted to leave Michigan. He redshirted as a freshman, stayed three more years, graduated from the School of Kinesiology as a redshirt junior and wanted to return for his final year of eligibility.

Beilein said no. Bielfeldt’s career at Michigan? Closing time.

You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here.

Oh, and he can’t go to Indiana either."

This is one of the reasons I will never buy the argument that college athletes are fairly compensated through their scholarships. Those can be yanked at any time, for virtually any reason. In this case, Michigan yanked this kids scholarship because they wanted to move him out of the way of a younger kid on the basketball team, and then wanted to control where he could transfer.

Thankfully the NCAA at least let him transfer to Indiana, since he's already graduated and has one year of eligibility left. But it shouldn't have come to this. If someone spends four years, one redshirt, at a program, graduates, does all the right things, etc. he should either find himself a part of the team for one last year, or free to play wherever he wants, like every other adult in the US. Michigan doesn't own his basketball rights, and if they do, then this is not a collegiate sport.

Feb 01, 16

I didn't watch the All-Star game because, well, it's a freaking exhibition game, but this is just such a great story. Good for Scott, there's nothing like embarrassing the league after the way he got treated.

Jan 28, 16

And here we thought the John Scott situation with the NHL would be the biggest All-Star joke in sports this season. This might not be as much of a joke, but there's something seriously bizarre about it nonetheless.

Jan 22, 16

"As New England Patriots linebacker Darius Fleming took the field in Saturday's playoff matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs, one of the many things that might have crossed his mind was whether the 22 stitches he had received two days earlier would hold.

On Thursday, Fleming had been driving home from practice when he witnessed a three-car collision ahead of him. He pulled over and realized that the driver of one of the cars was in trouble: her car had caught fire, he said, and she was unable to get out of the vehicle.

"She was attempting to kick the window out, but she was a small lady," Fleming told the Boston Globe. "I didn’t panic, but I was just like, ‘I got to get her out.’ I tried to break [the window] with my elbow, but that didn’t work, so I just started kicking the window. Eventually it broke, pulled her out, made sure she was OK, and I looked at my leg and I noticed it was bleeding pretty bad.""

Nice move. Still a Patriot, but even the Pats can have a few good guys on the team. ;-)

Jan 20, 16

"The SEC made a boatload of money in 2014, and Florida cornerback Jalen Tabor is irked that players didn’t get a piece of the pie."

He's not entirely wrong. No, it's not slavery in the strictest sense, college athletes do get a scholarship, which isn't nothing. But there are a whole lot of people making a whole lot of money on the backs of these young men, who, for 3 years of their lives have no possibility of making money based on their skills. They can't turn pro, they likely can't afford to go to college and not play during that time, and they likely don't have many other employment opportunities available to them as 18-21 year olds. So they go play football at State U, and if they happen to blow out an ACL, or suffer a head injury and can't play anymore? Oh well, we'll offer that scholarship to someone who can continue raking in the money for dear old State. Too bad about "what's his name again?"

Jan 20, 16

"At the heart of the lawsuit was athlete compensation for the use of their likeness in the game. O’Bannon’s lawyers argued that EA Sports was making millions off a game that was popular because of student-athletes that received no money.

Herbstreit contended players didn’t care about the use of their likenesses; they just loved the game.

“I’ve never met one player in college football that’s like, ‘They can’t use my name and likeness! I need to be paid!’ ” Herbstreit told SEC Country. “They’re just thrilled to be on the game. They love being on the game. It’s like the biggest highlight of their life, is to be on the game.”

Herbstreit does have a stake in the former EA Sports franchise since he was one of three announcers in the game and was compensated for his work."

I generally like Herbie, this this is just about a perfect summation of what is wrong with college athletics, isn't it? He needs to get paid for using his voice in the game, but the actual college athletes, nah they just want to play a game, no one needs to worry about them getting paid. "Now where's my money?"

Yup, everybody wants some of the college sports money, but letting the kids get any isn't right.

Jan 17, 16

"In all, more than 20 gambling industry officials, international police detectives, and sports integrity experts told BuzzFeed News that world tennis is failing to confront a serious problem with match-fixing. BuzzFeed News and the BBC have chosen not to name the players whose matches have repeatedly been flagged for attracting highly suspicious betting, because without access to phone, bank, or computer records it is not possible to prove a link between the players and the gamblers. The integrity unit has the power to demand all that evidence from any tennis professional, yet many of the individuals whose activity attracted the most serious concern are still playing at a high level. Meanwhile, tennis has grown to a multibillion-dollar global phenomenon."

Wow. Match-fixing is a real thing. We've already seen evidence of it in soccer, and other sports, so why wouldn't it happen in Tennis? As the article even says, Tennis may be the easiest sport to fix there is! Yet it appears no one in the ATP wants to do anything about it, which suggests a FIFA-level of corruption, doesn't it?

Jan 17, 16

An interesting choice given that it was Michigan's defense that was the stronger unit in Hoke's years at Michigan. Just don't let him near the offense, though.

Maybe Hoke is just one of those guys who's better as an assistant than a head coach. The Ducks are surely counting on that. Will he be successful going back, a la Lane Kiffin, or will the failure as a head coach carry on as an assistant, a la Greg Robinson after Syracuse?

Then again, can Oregon's defense get that much worse?

Jan 13, 16

There is nothing about what transpired in Lawrence Phillips life that could be described as anything other than sad, and wasteful. Unfortunately, the same could be said of many people who weren't famous on the field.

Jan 10, 16

It's hard to see where the Nets go from here without draft picks. Clearly, though, what they are doing isn't working, so it's easy to see this move coming. The only real question is why not wait until after the season? Unless you plan to make some deals and don't want Billy King involved at all.

I could see that.

Jan 10, 16

""One thing we are going to see a change with is All-Star voting next year," Sportsnet's Elliotte Friedman reported on Saturday's edition of "Headlines.""

I don't get all the hand-wringing about John Scott getting voted as one of the captains of the NHL All-Star Game. The game's been a joke for years, having captains pick teams the last couple of years made it even more of a joke, turning it into a 3 on 3 "tournament" only went to push it even further in to being a joke, and in fitting with the joke theme, the fans voted for John Scott.

What's the problem? Now the NHL decides this is serious business and the fans can't be trusted? Get over yourself, no one cares.

Jan 07, 16

Obviously, not a huge surprise, but given how much the Jackets talked down about Johansen all season, this is better than I thought they would do as far as a return. On the other hand, having spent so many years bemoaning the lack of a top line center in Columbus, I can't help but wonder how long it'll be before they have one again.

Jan 03, 16

This just makes sense. The Islanders don't have the depth to deal with Boychuk being out for an extended time, even with Hamonic on the roster. Trading him makes no sense for the team right now.

Dec 29, 15

Remember, being a football player means focusing on nothing else. Not even taking a few minutes out of halftime to watch your own daughter perform. The teams and coaches demand it. ;-)

Dec 23, 15

He's also left school, signed with an agent and will not be available for their bowl game against Nebraska.

On one hand, yes that is entirely selfish to bail on his team like that when there is still a game to be played.

On the other, he's an unpaid football player with no plans to stay at UCLA, who runs the risk of getting injured and ruining his draft prospects in a game that means absolutely nothing. I mean really, by Dec. 28 will anyone even remember who won the Foster Farms Bowl?

He might not be a great teammate, and there's a lot to be said for how that might drop him in the draft as well, but I'm kind of surprised we haven't seen this before with all of these bowl games that serve no purpose for any individual player on his way out of the school.

Dec 22, 15

I had wondered about this myself, and just assumed it had something to do with TV or avoiding Friday night, or something silly like that, but I never imagined it was actually being controlled by the other bowl games. How ridiculous is that?

Dec 19, 15

It's hard to believe that things have reached this point with Johansen. It was just last season that he was considered the future face of the franchise, the first line center the Jackets haven't had before, the guy who was going to be right up there with the best centers in the Metro conference, and now he's being scratched and mentioned in trade rumors?

How on earth did this happen so quickly?

Dec 13, 15

I've only seen a little bit of Ohio State's play this season but it's been enough to know that the team isn't very good. NCAA basketball is all about guard play, and when your guards turn the ball over at a higher rate than they get assists, and shoot a low percentage from outside, you're not going to score enough to beat anyone decent team. Columbus has probably been distracted by the football teams issues to notice what's going on here, but the early season losses to less than "name" teams, does not make for a lot to look forward to this season. Hopefully it turns into a learning experience for the young players that they can build on.

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