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May 01, 16

The bong hit video was shocking, obviously, especially for many of the old stodgy NFL types, but this is the real story from Thursday night.

Was Tunsil given money by coaches at Ole Miss? And where else do the same conversations happen every day?

Apr 24, 16

"This parceling out of exclusive negotiating rights to exiting college players has always been presented, even from its low-key inception in a Philadelphia hotel 80 years ago, as a way to ensure competitive balance by giving bad teams first crack at better incoming players.

An added benefit for NFL owners, however — arguably the greatest benefit — is that the draft denies college stars the windfall of potential bidding wars among multiple teams, keeping salaries lower than they might otherwise have been."

These are both true. All we have to do is look to leagues like European football leagues and see that it is absolutely possible for the richest teams to simply buy the biggest names and dominate the competition. On the other hand, those players are also free to negotiate a contract anywhere, for any amount, which is, unarguably getting them more money than a draft system would.

So, which is better?

Apr 23, 16

"RW Kyle Okposo, New York Islanders: He’s produced five points in five games while averaging four shots per game. The 217-pound Okposo is leading the Islanders with 13 hits. With so many teams looking for scoring and size, Okposo is helping himself with a strong overall game.

C Frans Nielsen, New York Islanders: Nielsen will be looking for a significant raise this summer over the $3.5 million he’s earning. He may get it. He often appears on underrated lists. A versatile player who can check and score, Nielsen has three goals and four points in this first round. His three goals tie him with John Tavares for the team lead. He’s playing 23 minutes per game."

These two guys are going to get offered a lot of money, and a lot of years, somewhere this Summer. I'm not sold that the Islanders can, or should match that. It's going to be very difficult for both of these guys to be back in Brooklyn next season and the Islanders are going to have to hope that some of the young kids are ready for the next step, and that Ryan Strome and Anders Lee bounce back. Otherwise, this is going to be a very thin team offensively.

Apr 13, 16

"The NCAA's best argument for why it gets to make $1 billion every year to put on a basketball tournament starring unpaid basketball players is that it only keeps $100 million for itself. That's a freakin' awful argument."

The pretty much sums it up, doesn't it? There's a billion dollars being paid for the rights to broadcast the NCAA basketball tournament, and this article shows how most of it doesn't ever make it back to the benefit of all student athletes, let alone the ones out there putting on the show that brings in the money.

Apr 10, 16

"remember my first meeting with the chairman when I arrived at Leicester City this summer. He sat down with me and said, “Claudio, this is a very important year for the club. It is very important for us to stay in the Premier League. We have to stay safe.”

My reply was, “Okay, sure. We’ll work hard on the training ground and try to achieve this.”

Forty points. That was the goal. That was the total we needed to stay in the first division, to give our fans another season of Premier League football.

Back then, I did not dream that I would open the paper on April 4 and see Leicester City at the top of the table with 69 points. Last year on this same day, the club was at the bottom of the table.


This is unbelievable, and honestly, unless you happen to be a fan of one of the teams directly behind them in the standings, how could you not be pulling for Leicester City to take home the trophy?

Apr 06, 16

The season is three days old and this rule change is already creating havoc. This is what happens when you let owners come up with a plan to "do something" about a couple of injuries, without taking some serious time to evaluate the impact on the game. For what it's worth, it was probably the correct call under the new rule, but they have totally taken away the possibility of doing much to break up double-plays.

I'm not sure more double-plays is going to make baseball more interesting.

Apr 01, 16

""If you had a torn ACL, you wouldn't hide it from people," said Trish Meyer, outreach coordinator for Michigan's Depression Center. "You'd be forced to get treatment for it. It should be the same with your mental health. That culture of toughness, in a way, is especially challenging for student-athletes.""

I'm glad Michigan is doing this. It's easy for us to look at student athletes and only really ever see them as players. We judge them based on what they do on the field without thinking about the kid that is behind that. Those kids are no different than other kids, and the rates of depression and mental health issues are going to be the same as well. They deserve the same treatment and understanding as physical injuries.

Mar 31, 16

"“Having a kid sit out a year is not like going to jail,” he said. “It’s a slippery slope. I want what’s best for Spike but also what’s best for our program. You train a guy and develop him for four years and suddenly he’s the starting point guard at Michigan State?”"

I take issue with this statement by Michigan's coach. You're not offering him the possibility of staying at Michigan. He's been told his talent isn't worth you keeping him on scholarship, but you're concerned about how well you developed him and how it might hurt you in the future.

Too bad. Do you think Iowa loved having Jake Rudock starting at QB for Michigan last year? Probably not, but he had graduated, and wanted to transfer and they let him, because he wasn't going to start at Iowa. This kid isn't even going to have a spot on Michigan's team next year, but they still want to limit the possibility of him playing somewhere else without sitting out another year. Screw that. He's a free agent once he graduates as far as I'm concerned, and having to sit a year is is just silly.

Mar 28, 16

"You can argue that Hackenberg should take all responsibility for everything himself and never speak ill of a coach, but what if it's, you know, true?"

It's interesting that this is a story, because as Wetzel points out, Hackenberg is probably right, and not because Franklin is a bad coach, he's just not a good coach if you're a pro-style QB like he is, and the offense that was designed to put you in the center of it, isn't any more. That is the answer to the question about his numbers dropping off, so why can't he say it?

It's also interesting because another top prospect did a much more public thing back in November. Remember when Ezekiel Elliott threw Ohio State's coaches under the bus after that loss to Michigan State? The difference was, while that was a big story for a day or so, OSU coach Urban Meyer came out and told the media that Elliott was right, and it wasn't a problem.

So no more story, because he was right. I'm sure there are still a few NFL guys who will stay away from Elliott because he went public, but really, why? I'd rather have the guy willing to speak the truth and say what needs to be said on my team any day.

But I'm not an NFL guy. Those guys will probably make Hackenberg pay for saying something that we all know anyway.

Mar 27, 16

This is mind-boggling. Four years have passes since this investigation started, and North Carolina continues to play for the Final Four, their basketball and football coaches continue on with their careers as if nothing happened, and by the time the NCAA gets around to "punishing" UNC for years of academic fraud, no one who was involved will likely still be there.

That's NCAA justice for you!

Mar 20, 16

Everything about this situation is odd. But, I will say this, if LaRoche signed with the White Sox with an agreement in place that he could home-school his kid and have him around all the time, and the Sox then changed the agreement after he was under contract, I can see why he'd be upset. I've been in jobs before where I signed on with an understanding of what job would be and where it was going only to have management change course 6 months down the road and find myself doing a job I never signed up for. I wasn't under contract, so I left for another position. LaRoche didn't have that choice.

I also didn't leave $13 million on the table either, so I'm not going to say this is a completely valid comparison, but I'm not Adam Laroche. He gets to make his own choices.

Mar 14, 16

I don't understand turning down postseason play. Wouldn't it be best for the team's chances next season to play more games? Wouldn't the revenue generated from a few more tickets sales be a good thing?

Or is this what happens when you live in a one and done world? There's no point in playing meaningless NIT, or other tournament games because the team will be completely different next year, or something like that?

I guess I'm just getting old and can't understand how you improve by not playing. ;-)

Mar 14, 16

Some how, I feel like a loosely quoted line from The Watchmen is appropriate here.

I cannot condone it, but I can understand it.

I wasn't in front of a TV during the selection show, mostly because it's mid-afternoon here on the West Coast, but from what I saw on Twitter, it sounds like an absolute cluster, and was borderline torture for teams on the bubble to have to sit and watch interviews and NBA guys who know nothing about college basketball make predictions instead of finding out whether they were in the Big Dance or not. So it's difficult to feel any sympathy for CBS in this mess.

And, make no mistake, this is a mess. All those college kids gathered for a Selection Watch party found out on Twitter long before the NCAA and CBS "announced" their fate. Teams were making travel plans and scouting before CBS got around to letting the public know what was going on.

That's not good for anyone, but maybe next year we can just get to the brackets and save the interviews and predictions until after all the matches have been announced? It's 2016, trying to keep an embargo in place in order to keep advertisers happy may need to just go away.

For anyone who actually watched this travesty, was it as bad as it seemed from reading Twitter? Did you see the leaked bracket before hand, or did you wait for the whole show?

Mar 11, 16

I've been critical of Garth Snow's gamble this season that the young players would improve and become more consistent instead of adding a player or two in the off-season, but I also have to give credit where credit is due.

The move to sign Greiss has proven to pretty brilliant. Now that Halak is going to be out with an injury, right in the midst of the stretch run to the playoffs, Isles fans are glad he's here. Let's hope the season he's had so far, continues.

Mar 06, 16

What a great story. Locally we'll be keeping our fingers crossed for the Oregon State Beavers to make the tournament after there own drought. But as long as it's been for the Beavers, their 26 year wait to get back to the tourney pales compared to Yale.

Let's hope they both end the drought and have a good showing in the NCAA tourney!

Mar 04, 16

It's March 3rd, and the Dodgers rotation depth, a problem last season, is already a big question mark again? There were a lot of questions coming in to the Spring, with guys coming back from injury, or being unproven, and here we go again. Brett Anderson out at least 3 months, maybe more.

Here's hoping Ryu comes back healthy at least!

Feb 28, 16

"Smith was one of the best players in college football this year. He was an absolute missile on the field and easily the best linebacker in this year’s draft class. But the injury he suffered is almost identical to what running back Marcus Lattimore dealt with, and the former South Carolina running back never recovered before retiring without ever playing an NFL game."

A reminder to something I said at the time. This injury occurred in a meaningless bowl game. Sure, the trip to Phoenix is nice for the team, but for potential high draft picks on their way out of college playing in a non-playoff game, this is a possibility. A top-5 pick can go anywhere he darn well pleases on vacation. Smith's career may be over before it starts. I hope not, for his sake.

Feb 27, 16

"Robert Frid fought hundreds of times over three years of junior hockey and eight seasons in the lower minor leagues. He’s had at least 75 concussions and been knocked unconscious many times. Declared permanently disabled in his 30s, Frid, now 41, doesn’t think he has much time left "

The story is sad, but as I read it I began to question some things. Think about the arguments for fighting that we typically hear from the Don Cherry's of the world.

1. The players make their own decisions and know the risks.
2. Players get paid to play a game, if they get hurt, again, they decided it was worth the risk.

If you want to make those arguments (there are others, admittedly) then can we discuss the reality of life in Junior and low minor-league hockey.

Why would we allow, even encourage, fighting, in Juniors, when some of these kids are not even legally allowed to vote. Do we really think they are making their own, informed, decisions about fighting?

Guys in lower-level minor leagues get "paid" in name only, really. I used to live in an ECHL city. There were regular "cute" stories about how the players lived 3 to an apartment, worked during the offseason, etc. because they made a couple hundred bucks per week during the season, and nothing in the Summer. When you're in that level of hockey, you are subsisting on love of the game, and the hope of getting a call up and maybe making some real money. If you were truly talented enough to be in that position, you'd probably be there. The quickest way to get a call up, is to be an enforcer. It's also the quickest way to become a fan favorite and prevent the local team from dropping you.

Guys like Robert Frid did what they had to, what they were asked to do by people who could make his hockey life disappear if he didn't do what they told him to, starting when he was a minor. Now he's barely hanging on to life.

Say what you want about AHL/NHL fighting, but in juniors there's no way it makes any sense to have the levels of fighting that we currently do. Knowing what we know about concussions and CTE, how can we let kids who have not even fully developed beat the hell out of each other?

Feb 20, 16

"Second baseman Micah Johnson will be limited in his workouts for about a week after cutting his hand while trying to remove an avocado pit, The Orange County Register reported. Reporter Bill Plunkett called it the Dodgers' "first cut of the spring.""

Well, this is not exactly the way you want your preseason to start. Hopefully it's not a sign of things to come.

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