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04 Feb 14

Some good tips here! Hopefully I can keep them in mind when traveling and shooting!

13 Dec 13

This is a pretty natural progression for Instagram, but it also replicates something that could be done with Facebook or Flickr if you use groups and selective sharing. I guess it depends on where the connections you want to share with are socializing.

27 Oct 13

My wife's photos from our drive up to Brevard, NC and a few of her tips about visiting the park, because you just can't take the travel planner out of her.

27 Oct 13

Some interesting stuff here. Can't say I agree with all 100, but definitely gave me some food for thought for the next time I'm shooting.

22 Oct 13

Good beginner tips, and reminders for those of us who tend to forget the basics in our busy lives!

19 Oct 13

Some good pointers here to keep in mind, though I have to admit that when I travel I don't typically have a tripod and level with me!

14 Oct 13

I've used Recuva with some success in the past. Made me a hero when the wife's SD card wouldn't show up in Windows. Good page to bookmark just in case!

06 Oct 13

Video and slideshow from a professional news photog here in the Greenville area, about capturing those fall colors coming to an area near you!

02 Oct 13

Part of a National Geographic special issue celebrating the power of photography. Lots of really interesting ideas, and photos, can be seen from this page.

21 Sep 13

Interesting stuff. I will have to try and remember these tips the next time I pull out my iPhone to grab a photo.

03 Sep 13

Interesting, I think most wildlife photos I've taken are probably taken at the animal eye level, which just goes to show that I knew subconsciously that it looks better that way, right? ;-)

08 Aug 13

This is a good explanation of why I enjoy photography, but have no interest in doing it professionally. I do it for me, to capture things I enjoy and share them.

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