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about 1 hour ago

I could get behind a change in the substitution rules for soccer because with the way they are now, there's almost no way a player with a potential concussion is getting proper treatment. On the other hand, if you make the change there are coaches who will absolutely abuse the rules. Can we protect against that? Does it matter? Are head injuries serious enough that we don't care if there's a solution to that problem before we implement a change?

about 7 hours ago

It's never good to have video of you clocking a woman, or anyone for that matter. There's no way even FSU could keep this guy around, but I have other questions. Why, if you're FSU, (especially FSU with it's recent reputation!) is your 19 year-old player at a bar to start with? Shouldn't that just be against the team rules?

Should the girl also be charged with assault? Yes, they both should, and whatever punishment is handed out for students in that situation should be handed out for her, as it is being for Johnson, rightly. But her swinging first is absolutely no excuse. Johnson, especially given his position on the football team, should know to walk away, always.

Lastly, how many people were standing around doing nothing while this escalated? Where were Johnson's friends to keep him out of trouble? If there was no video how many of these witnesses would have spoken out against an FSU football player? They sure didn't try and stop him.

about 23 hours ago

Can't say enough about the importance of considering your personal brand when it comes to social networks, blogs, and other online presence. There simply is no excuse these days for not networking, connecting with folks in your industry and using these tools in some way to show off your knowledge and skills. It absolutely helps you stand out when a recruiter or potential employer can look back at years worth of posts and gain insight into how you think how you solve problems, how you interact with others that they can't get in an interview with other candidates.

Of course, that also assumes you're not ruining your brand on social media too, but you know better than that, right?

Jul 06, 15

If suicide is indeed a top ten cause of death in the US we should probably be teaching suicide prevention as much as we teach safety for things that kill far fewer people, right? Makes sense to me!

Jul 06, 15

This is pretty cool, over 200 YouTube videos created by a Princeton professor about networking. You could do worse than keep these bookmarked to learn about computer networks!

Jul 05, 15

Obviously the English fans are only starting to figure out what we in the US have known for years. The money in sports comes from television, not stadium attendance, thus it's television that gets the final say. Get used to it EPL fans, it's not going away.

Jul 03, 15

How about just one, there's too much of it laying around everywhere and you have no idea how to find anything because of that? ;-)

Seriously, go check out the post and the report linked therein. Good information to get your head around before you have an immediate need!

Jul 02, 15

Always fun to read stories highlighting the teams and players you will never see on TV, and who are really just enjoying playing the games.

Jul 01, 15

"Talking to your child about sexual abuse is uncomfortable. We want to empower them, not make them fearful of people."

Open lines of communication between parents and kids go a long way here!

Jun 30, 15

What's interesting about this is the timing. Obviously with Deflategate there was an inability to get texts from Tom Brady's phone, but having a mobile forensics expert wouldn't have changed that. You need access to the phone. Is the NFL planning on making that part of the CBA, that players have to turn over their phones to provide information to the league in an investigation? Would they actually agree to that? I don't think I would. It's not a matter of having something to hide either, we all have data that just shouldn't be public, or in anyone else's hands, on our devices. Just because I work for a company doesn't give them access to my personal phone. Putting that clause in a player's contract is overreaching, IMHO.

Jun 30, 15

In a word, communicate. But there's more advice in this article about how to keep those lines of communication open between you and your kids so that you know what they are doing online, and with whom. It also points out the importance of being a little tech savvy yourself, so that you know what they are capable of doing with the devices they are using.

Jun 30, 15

Wasn't this rumor out there about Richards and Carter when they were jettisoned out of Philly? Maybe the problem followed them to LA and included some others? Well, the Kings got a couple of Cups out of the deal.

Jun 30, 15

The point of this article is actually the opposite of the headline, it's a bit tongue and cheek. However, it is a legitimate problem. People see mental hospitals as being full of dangerous people, "them", but in reality there are people all around us who are dealing with mental illness and could use the resources from a mental hospital that is nearby!

Jun 29, 15

"Far too automatically, people associate childhood sexual abuse with girls yet boys suffer as well. Quite possibly, they do so in greater numbers than you might expect."

Jun 27, 15

I've purposely not written about the Duggars, because frankly, I don't like the fact that many people feel like either they can write for the victims, which isn't fair, if they choose to speak up, or not, that is their choice, or others who only want to write about them to highlight how abuse happens within a religion/culture they happen not to like. (Hint, it happens everywhere, their religion didn't cause this, as much as I might not agree with their beliefs.) It was nice to see Marcia take a big news story and instead of turning it into a vendetta or defense of the family, just use it as a learning tool for what parents can do when faced with sibling sexual abuse, which is something that we don't talk about enough.

Jun 26, 15

Good look at why encryption isn't just for "people with something to hide", and why lots of people do, actually, need to hide. Including you.

Jun 26, 15

Mostly, this is good advice, but I hesitate to put this out there. Many people, when dealing with someone who has experienced trauma, or mental illness, wind up walking on eggshells, afraid of "re-traumatizing" so much that being around them becomes uncomfortable for everyone. I would add to always remember that this is still the person you've always known, try not to act too differently around them, that only adds to the impression that something is wrong with them, as opposed to being a normal symptom of trauma.

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