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  • sheep, and three thousand camels,
  • Wherefore is light given to him that is in misery

  • e's innovati
  • e's innovati

  • mouth
  • Wherefore is light given to him that is in misery
  • Wherefore is light given to him that is in misery

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  • A pair of sockets uniquely identifies each connection.  That is, a socket may be simultaneously used in multiple  connections.

  • use-value
  • Affective labor is itself and directly the constitution of communities and collective subjectivities.
  • Humanity and its soul are produced in the very processes of economic production.

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  • Critics claimed that the manual lacked what in the world of science is known as “reliability”—the ability to produce a consistent, replicable result—and therefore also lacked scientific validity.
  • It is considered valid because scores are believed to correlate with an external reality—“scholastic aptitude”—and the test is seen as predictive of success in an academic setting.

  • The pursuit of profit, organized in corporations competing in markets, is at best agnostic to (and often in direct conflict with) the public interest.
  • We don't produce wheat democratically
  • social justice

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  • Non-local division of labor in turn requires a market price mechanism based on transactions between strangers who, beyond prices and some other simple contractual terms, are generally ignorant of each other's needs.

  • perhaps rearrange the distribution of income
  • ration demand
  • elicit production

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  • The network allowed publication without filtering, editing, or, perhaps most importantly, responsibility.
  • Thus cyberspace is different because of the reach it allows. But it is also different because of the relative anonymity it permits.
  • The Net enables lives that were previously impossible, or inconvenient, or uncommon. At least some of those virtual lives will have effects on non-virtual lives —both the lives of the people living in the virtual space, and the lives of those around them.

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  • My first reaction to AOL was, "I am too old and too married to use this service." It seemed as though every chat room, regardless of topic area, was filled with flirts.

    For now, Facebook, too, is primarily a flirt zone for young people. But it might turn into something more than that.

  • "Stigma" is the withholding of a presumption that that other guy is more or less just like me. When I see him in trouble, probably it's the kind of fix I could get myself into, as well, and so I need to think about what it is I might do to help him out. When you withhold that presumption, when that other guy is "them" and not "us," when you're prepared to entertain the idea that he's different in some fundamental way and that that difference accounts for his poor condition, then that's when I say the guy is stigmatized.
  • Orlando Patterson
  • Shelby Steele

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  • Society at large is implicated in an individual person’s choices because we have acquiesced in—perhaps actively supported, through our taxes and votes, words and deeds—social arrangements that work to our benefit and his detriment, and which shape his consciousness and sense of identity in such a way that the choices he makes, which we may condemn, are nevertheless compelling to him—an entirely understandable response to circumstance.
  • it is a societal, not communal or personal, achievement
  • At the level of the individual case we must, of course, act as if this were not so. There could be no law, no civilization, without the imputation to particular persons of responsibility for their wrongful acts. But the sum of a million cases, each one rightly judged on its merits to be individually fair, may nevertheless constitute a great historic wrong.

  • path-dependent
  • Paul Starr has argued in The Creation of the Media
  • Ithiel de Sola Pool's Technologies of Freedom

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