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  • Recently some Australian and New Zealand schools have led the way with a different approach to behaviour management - the restorative approach. The restorative approach to behaviour management in schools has its origins in restorative justice and victim-offender mediation although restorative approaches have a long history as a form of communal justice in the Maori and other traditional communities
  • In schools a restorative approach emphasises the importance of sound, healthy relationships between all members of the school community. From this perspective behaviour problems are viewed as a breakdown in relationships and misbehaviour is defined as a violation against people and relationships in the school and wider community rather than as a violation of the school and its rules
  • The adoption of a restorative approach requires that schools abandon punitive, retributive, adversarial or zero tolerance approaches to discipline or behaviour management and redefine behaviour management as "relationship management" (Prior,2005; Thorsborne, 1999).

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  • Transition programs are being used by schools to help kindergarten children adjust to formal schooling. Sharlene Chadwick explains the benefits of using the Peer Support program to provide an environment that builds positive connections and relationships.

    • The PATHS program covers these five domains of social and emotional development:

      • self-control
      • emotional understanding
      • positive self-esteem
      • relationships
      • interpersonal problem-solving skills.
  • The PATHS program brings students through each of these domains in stages. While some of the units from the PATHS program target one or more of the domains, aspects of all five are integrated into each unit.


    Each new unit builds on the learning that preceded it. The lessons are sequenced according to increasing developmental difficulty. However, teachers may delay a specific lesson until later in the sequence to make sure that it matches their students' emotional readiness.


    To ensure continual reinforcement of key skills from the PATHS program, supplemental activities and a variety of at-home activities are included for parents and children to do together.


    The PATHS program provides teachers and counselors with a systematic developmental approach for enhancing social and emotional understanding and academic competence in children.

  • As an educator, you know that teaching students effectively is impossible when pupils are unable to properly engage in the learning process. There are many reasons why a student may fail to engage, but here are a few examples:
  • In order for students to reach their full potential in school and in life, schools must provide instruction on academics and social and emotional skills. In short, they must teach the whole student if they want to see healthier school climates and improved academic result
  • Scientific studies of high-quality SEL programs have revealed the positive impact these curriculums can have on school success

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  • This tiny park within the Square Mile is something of a cliche in lists of "secret" or "unusual" things to do in London, but its recommendation bears repeating. The reason for its popularity lies in a Victorian memorial to people who died while trying to save others. This wall of tragic heroes was created in 1900 by George Frederic Watts. The memorial was recently updated for the first time in 78 years, with the addition of a plaque for Leigh Pitt, who died rescuing a drowning child in 2007.
    King Edward Street,'s_Park
  • t would be churlish to leave the British Museum out of a list like this, even though its fame no doubt precedes it.
  • ittle more than a decade old, Tate Modern is now firmly established as one of the world's great modern art galleries. It's housed in the shell of the Bankside Power Station, designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, who also gave us the red phone box and Battersea Po

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  • I will, for my part, encourage the sharing of good practice of prayer experience in parish life and school, most notably through retreats in daily life and through assistance with contemplative and quiet prayer.
  • I wish to place special emphasis on formation for leadership and on formation for young people
  • Our Catholic schools are outstanding in educating our young people. They provide an excellent resource of staff, many of whom are professionally trained in theology. It is not easy to bring our young people into the heart of Christ’s mission if they receive little further formation and support apart from school.

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  • Thus the Church, at once "a visible association and a spiritual community,"(6)  goes forward together with humanity and experiences the same earthly lot which  the world does. She serves as a leaven and as a kind of soul for human  society(7) as it is to be renewed in Christ and transformed into God's family.
  • The Church recognizes that worthy elements are found in today's social  movements, especially an evolution toward unity, a process of wholesome  socialization and of association in civic and economic realms.
  • For the above reasons, the Church recalls to the mind of all that culture  is to be subordinated to the integral perfection of the human person, to the  good of the community and of the whole society. Therefore it is necessary to  develop the human faculties in such a way that there results a growth of the  faculty of admiration, of intuition, of contemplation, of making personal  judgment, of developing a religious, moral and social sense.

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