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Aug 22, 16

tl;dr "learning to code" is not neccesarily "learning to program".

Dec 25, 15

Namah Shivaya offers Beginners, Gentle, Ashtanga, Restorative, Kids, Meditation, & Spanish Yoga Classes to the Dallas, TX area

Dec 09, 15

Brown rice can be pressure cooked to fluffy perfection by steaming it in a heat-proof dish. This leaves the base of the cooker free to cook a second dish -

Apr 29, 15

Tired of seeing women of color underrepresented in mainstream sci-fi and fantasy? Check out this list...

Mar 26, 15

"Foundationally, where students of human evolution have generally emphasized the adaptability of the human mind, evolutionary psychologists have rather attempted to call attention to the adaptedness of the human mind."

Mar 26, 15

The deserving poor include pregnant women, children and their parents or caregivers, and the disabled. The undeserving poor largely consist of childless adults. The deserving poor are provided with health coverage through the Medicaid program. The undeserving poor—no matter how destitute they are—do not qualify for Medicaid benefits.

Mar 26, 15

An estimated 1.8 million Americans have satisfied rather rigorous criteria required to receive Social Security Disability Income (SSDI). They receive cash benefits. Yet they must wait two years before they are eligible for Medicare.

Mar 25, 15

[explains that "equal pay" and "work-life balance" benefit everyone, not just women.]

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