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Jan 15, 13

An immediate hit with my younger crowd. A series of quirky creatures is reading a series of little books, each smaller than the next. Very clever way to play with the convention of the codex. All those adorable nested books are irrestible to my kids. And the art, oh the art: utterly to swoon for.

Jan 15, 13

(to Rilla)
One of my family's longtime favorites. Peter has new (hand-me-down) shoes, whose rich life experience comes in handy when he has to fetch a series of necessary objects for local merchants: a feather to make the baker's bread light, a key so the carpenter can unlock the door to the house she's working on, and so on. It's one of those delightful cumulative tales with a satisfying ending, and Marc Rosenthal's art is priceless. We have mad love for this quirky book.

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