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  • Subway: With 6 completed subway lines, and 2 more nearing completion, you  can get almost anywhere you need to go without having to deal with Seoul's  infamous traffic. See the subway section for more information.
    Train: Seoul  Station, located near the downtown area, has trains for destinations  south of Seoul. Cheongnyangni  Station, located in the northeastern part of Seoul, has trains for  destinations north and east of Seoul.

  • Korea recently pulled through an economic storm that began in late 1997. This  crisis, which roiled markets all across Asia, had threatened Korea's remarkable  economic achievements
  • Korea, once known to be one of the world's poorest agrarian societies, has  undertaken economic development in earnest since 1962. In less than four  decades, it achieved what has become known as the "Miracle on the Hangang River"  - an incredible process that dramatically transformed the Korean economy while  marking a turning point in Korea's history.
  • With a history as one of the fastest growing economies in the world, Korea is  working to become the focal point of a powerful Asian economic bloc during the  21st century

  • The local currency fell 0.8 percent against the greenback in January from a  month earlier. The price of Dubai crude, Korea’s benchmark, jumped 69 percent in  January compared to a year earlier. South Korea is the world’s fourth-largest  crude buyer.

    Raw material costs surged 48.7 percent year-on-year mainly  due to higher oil prices while the prices of intermediate goods rose 10.6  percent in January, the BOK said.
  • In dollar terms, import prices grew 18.7 percent in January, with export prices  gaining 3.5 percent, the BOK said.
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