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May 16, 16

It's that time of month again when that Giza checkpoint is attacked
: هجوم مسلح على كمين أمني في البدرشين

Apr 23, 16

Great piece on why nutritional scientists were wrong for so long over the dangers of fats, and not sugars:

Apr 23, 16

Israeli soldier who shot a wounded Palestinian point-blank in the head: released from prison, gets hero's welcome

Mar 26, 16

In Egypt, an MP, who owns a news site, continues to host a show that broadcasts State Security wiretaps of activists

Mar 20, 16

"--want to put Obama in a bad mood, tell him he has to go to a SIT Room meeting about Egypt"

Mar 20, 16

Google Ideas director in Syria Sep 2010 more on Jared Cohen:

Mar 09, 16

While everyone's focus is on Syria, the war in Yemen is devastating via @Reuters

Feb 22, 16

It's been clear for awhile many neocons will support Hillary over Trump. Here's the first to declare it explicitly:

Feb 08, 16

Truly fascinating how each side in Egypt is interpreting my last article as fitting their view on the issue

Jan 29, 16

Periodic reminder that @Ayaan Hirsi Ali's first choice for Nobel Peace Prize winner is Benjamin Netanyahu

Jan 04, 16

Watching a raccoon accidentally dissolve his candyfloss in a puddle has really put my troubles in perspective.

Jan 01, 16

How To Stem The Global Shortage Of Data Scientists via techaron hacer olé mi oficio

Dec 28, 15

A documentary film on the independence of #Libya:

Nov 04, 15

@alexeheath Looks like AwardMe is not available in the US Store

Oct 28, 15

1 "The Holocaust was not a Muslim crime. It came from Christian Europe" Grateful @michaelcoren wrote this

Oct 26, 15

Meet the New Army General in Charge of the #ISIS War

Oct 08, 15

When one asks oneself, "Who should be the arbiter of Real Blackness?" obviously 1 name comes to mind: Rupert Murdoch

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