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Nov 04, 15

@alexeheath Looks like AwardMe is not available in the US Store

Oct 28, 15

1 "The Holocaust was not a Muslim crime. It came from Christian Europe" Grateful @michaelcoren wrote this

Oct 26, 15

Meet the New Army General in Charge of the #ISIS War

Oct 08, 15

When one asks oneself, "Who should be the arbiter of Real Blackness?" obviously 1 name comes to mind: Rupert Murdoch

Sep 26, 15

الوطن | مصدر: قانونا «الاتصالات» و«تداول المعلومات» خلال أسابيع
ودول برضه محتاجينهم ضروري قبل البرلمان؟

Aug 12, 15

#Temple of #Ramsis III in #Karnak #Temples complex in #Luxor #Egypt #Thisis #Egypt

Aug 07, 15

Most discussed topics at #GOPDebate (via @FiveThirtyEight)

Aug 07, 15

When building China's cities, someone forgot the drains

Jul 02, 15

Video: Surveillance shows fired NOPD officer striking 16-year-old inmate with shackles.

Jun 27, 15

Divine innovation? Report finds that more religious countries tend to be less innovative

May 27, 15

@melhoshy It's time for change and we'll cut your rate plan in half! Visit for more details! JC

May 15, 15

Or, you know, civilian populations along the way are also "under threat", in case anyone out there cares. Ta.

May 14, 15

.@JohnLegere in his @BlackBerry tee finally got me onto #Twitter. Can’t wait to get & wear my Magenta @Tmobile shirt.

May 12, 15

It has become clear over time that intra-regime tensions are the greatest current threat to regime stability.

Mar 30, 15

The Gaza fisherman who built his own reef - and was shot dead there by an Israeli gunboat

Mar 16, 15

10 historical sites destroyed by #ISIS and why they matter

Jan 05, 15

Every week @Nervana_1 compiles links to important news items-a very useful reference, esp if you missed a couple days

Oct 19, 14

#VIRAL: German, Dutch bikers join Kurds to fight off #ISIS threat

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