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  • setting
  • what she looks lik
  • she's on the run from her husband

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  • The higher the contrast ratio, the more detailed
  • For plasmas and LED TVs the contrast ratio can be as high as 40,000:1

  • ccompanying self-review questions
  • Inclusion is contextual, so the journey should be defined by the school for  its own context.

  • Inclusion supports the democratic process by teaching through the learner  profile so that all students, including those with learning support  requirements, are equipped to exercise their rights and accept their  responsibilities as citizens in mainstream social life
  • The four principles of good practice (refer to page 5 of Learning  diversity in the International Baccalaureate programmes (2010) for  more information) identified by the IB as promoting equal access to the  curriculum for all learners are: affirming identity and building  self-esteem, valuing prior knowledge, scaffolding and extending learning.
  • deliberate strategies, skills and attitudes that permeate  the teaching and learning environment.

  • Now, we never get to hear the viewpoint character's voice directly in a third person narrative (except in dialogue, of course).
    • But when the narrator is standing in the shoes of the viewpoint character - seeing through their eyes and hearing their thoughts - the words will nevertheless begin to approximate the viewpoint character's voice, in terms of...

      • Word choice
      • Grammar
      • Pet phrases
      • Underlying attitudes and opinions
      • Rhythms of speech
      • And so on

  • You have to learn when and how to switch viewpoints effectively, but if you follow the advice on how to do this lower down, you won't have a problem.

  • HELENA goes out. A pause. 


  • Irritability
  • Insomnia
  • Sweating

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  • Teachers must remove any strand that might not be relevant for a specific task.
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