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Matt Perez

Matt Perez's Public Library

about 12 hours ago

The Power Question Summit Reflections + Bonus Material #thepowerquestion

May 24, 16

If you believe computers can or will soon actually think, read this out loud slowly.
They can't.
They won't.

May 23, 16

The Tao of “The DAO” or: How the autonomous corporation is already her

  • being surrounded by people on the same journey as you causes you to level up.
May 18, 16

The Women's Bathroom Sign You Can't Unsee (And Won't Want To) @taniakatan @HuffingtonPost

  • brain orientation, primitive cellular activities
May 15, 16

.@mikegrunwald reviews Obama’s domestic policy legacy, and the major changes he made when few were paying attention

May 14, 16

Bruce Borden on May 19 at 6:30 PM in Palo Alto. 3 Startups, 3 Successful Exits! Free event, free snacks and drinks,

May 14, 16

RT .@Boweaver11 @Woodlandbookshp: Science v Religion. The choice is yours. (If you have a choice). #prayfornigeria

May 14, 16

I couldn't love this more! .... Via @NPR: For Entrepreneurs, Pitching To Pint-Sized Sharks Is No Child's Play

May 12, 16

It's official, we'll be speakers at Geek Girl TechCon en San Diego.
#CondingGirlsAtNearsoft @nearsoft

May 11, 16

Office Hours is a mix of remote training, extended interview, and therapy session.

May 11, 16

New blog post: The unique approach of a happy worker cooperative. #employeeengagement

May 11, 16

Does employee happiness boost results? This CEO gives the Best. Answer. Ever:

May 11, 16

Do you use #PlanningPoker when estimating? Try our @HipChat add-on #agile #scrum

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