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about 21 hours ago

Humanity will discover that it loves to work at tasks of its own choosing… @Redshifter3 @ChuckBlakeman

  • consciousness is another example of somesthesis, albeit a highly specialized one
  • A crucial property of decision-making is that, not only is the decision itself a manipulation of data, but the decision machine depends on data as input.
  • attention to an object should be necessary for consistent or robust awareness to be attached to the object. In contrast, awareness of an object should not be necessary for attention to the object. In other words, it should be possible to attend to an object without awareness of it, but difficult to be aware of an object without attention to it

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  • No country (or company) has succeeded by copying a prior success story.  They learn from those, but then create something unique to their context.  There are no recipes here and words like best practice should be banned from strategy.   The opportunity during a period of change is to be the small thing that stabilises a new situation and thus thrives in unexpected ways.   I have previously written about that under dominant predator theory.
  • using smaller networks or entrepreneurial companies within a wider support framework represents a better way of dealing with things
  • We need to think about nudging culture not engineering it

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Feb 11, 16

Employee comes from "to ply" and it from Latin plicare, "to lay, fold, twist." Employ is to make one bend to the will of another. #odious

Feb 10, 16

Vean lo que opinan los cubanos sobre "la fuga" de los peloteros Gourriel y lo que dice la Televisión Cubana.

Feb 10, 16

"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any." via @goodreads

Feb 06, 16

The era of mass incarceration: US incarceration rates per 100,000 over the past century

Feb 06, 16

Intrinsic motivation key to innovation and KPIs (on all the available scientific evidence) destroy it. #joymatters

Feb 06, 16

Meet the young maker whose concern for her dad’s driving inspired an eye-opening invention #AGM

Feb 02, 16

Infographic cheat sheet by @cmeichow :

Feb 01, 16

Minxin Pei: Behind China's woes, myth of competent autocrats

Feb 01, 16

Running on fumes for the past couple of years. You can't replace Jobs.

Feb 01, 16

#Cuba 20 comunicadores independientes a consultar en Cuba @idolidiadarias #FreeSpeech

Feb 01, 16

Y-Free Male Mice Father Offspring

Jan 30, 16

Ask yourself, "why would Carlos and Smith, years later, travel to Australia to be pall bearers for the white man...

Jan 30, 16

Ha! We have a saying in Spanish that translates to, "In this family, there are no uglies"... and it's true :)

Jan 27, 16

Infographic: Twenty-Eight Keys to Unlocking Organisational Culture via @sharethis

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