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Matt Perez

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Apr 09, 15

Well, LI is now less effective for recruiters, job seekers RT @WillRecruits LinkedIn crown up for grabs @ConnectUpApp

Apr 04, 15

We Are All Adults by @matt_perez feat. @kroterd #Management #Holocracy #Leadership #Hierarchy
My latest "very eloquent and needed post" on "Adult Supervision" quoted here: Thanks @matt_perez!

  • “What people call the Internet of Things is just a technological underpinning that misses the point, ” he says. “This is about the experiential Internet. The guest doesn’t need to know how it happened. It’s about the magic of the food arriving.

  • corporate culture was a much more important driver of radical innovation than labor, capital, government or national culture

  • the scientists were able to identify hitherto unknown cell types, including a nerve cell in the most superficial cortical layer, and six different types of oligodendrocyte
Feb 02, 15

"Saved By Design: How The Meeting Canvas Was Born" by @mhsutton on @LinkedIn #scrum

Jan 24, 15

Very interesting guy. Obviously "gets" the blockchain and it's ramifications.

He's starting a new fund. I wonder if he can "pick 'em" well…

  • But the reality of building IoT applications is pretty complex – there are no standards, little consistency in terms of how things are done and few solid case studies to go by.
Jan 14, 15

The car Jen hires, in turn, makes deals for road space with other cars, depending on her hurry level.

  • The car Jen hires, in turn, makes deals for road space with other cars, depending on her hurry level. All these cars, of course, drive themselves. But more than that, they’re autonomous business entities — they own themselves.
  • Bitcoin is a browser, or email; the blockchain is the underlying protocol, like HTTP or TCP/IP
  • Ripple Labs, a San Francisco startup that’s building a digital currency-based platform for banking services

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  • The press, marketers and analysts have been labeling label everything as IoT. We have reached the point where we need better terms to describe this emerging industry or technology or fable or whatever it turns out to be. And that seems to have begun at CES this year.
  • the first divide is sensor versus actuator or input versus output devices
  • A second divide is the expected longevity of the device – permanent versus disposable

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