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Matt Perez

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Jun 17, 15

Honestly, that’s all you really need in a cold email. So it basically flows
like, “Hey, you’re cool/I’m cool. Here’s how I think I can help you.
Let’s chat.” One flick of the thumb on a smartphone to take action,

    • the modern salesperson lives by two mantras:

      • Right Person, Right Time, Right Message = WIN

      • Build. Test. Measure. Optimize.

  • New people buy new products and services. When someone is new to a job, it's the perfect time to reach out and congratulate them and gauge interest.
  • One flick of the thumb on a smartphone to take action, tops.
Apr 30, 15

Great article on why Buy a Feature is such a powerful market research tool: @ConteneoInc #collabcloud

Apr 30, 15

#Cuba La falta de confianza lastra créditos bancarios entre trabajadores por cuenta propia

Apr 30, 15

¡BRUTAL! En #Cuba se hace lo inconcebible para contrarrestar el hambre. Las imágenes pueden herir su sensibilidad:

Apr 09, 15

Well, LI is now less effective for recruiters, job seekers RT @WillRecruits LinkedIn crown up for grabs @ConnectUpApp

Apr 04, 15

We Are All Adults by @matt_perez feat. @kroterd #Management #Holocracy #Leadership #Hierarchy
My latest "very eloquent and needed post" on "Adult Supervision" quoted here: Thanks @matt_perez!

  • “What people call the Internet of Things is just a technological underpinning that misses the point, ” he says. “This is about the experiential Internet. The guest doesn’t need to know how it happened. It’s about the magic of the food arriving.

  • corporate culture was a much more important driver of radical innovation than labor, capital, government or national culture

  • the scientists were able to identify hitherto unknown cell types, including a nerve cell in the most superficial cortical layer, and six different types of oligodendrocyte
Feb 02, 15

"Saved By Design: How The Meeting Canvas Was Born" by @mhsutton on @LinkedIn #scrum

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