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Mark Wagner

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Aug 18, 08

A thoughtful post from Clarence Fisher: "How can we customize the experience for each of the learners we work with and still remain sane? A lot of it revolves around the tools we use."

Dec 09, 05

A great post on students' passion for blogging... and comments. I likie the blogging during SSR idea. (And HA! I accidentally typed RSS instead of SSR just now... things have changed for me since I taught English!)

Nov 18, 05

Old news at this point, but it was big news for me when I discovered it... Blogmeister has RSS now, so I can really get behind it.

Sep 16, 05

Awesome! This is right in line with my epiphany of the day a few days ago: "What was interesting was that many of these kids had written in their blogs about how difficult this game was proving itself to be and how they were seeing how societies had to pr

Sep 15, 05

Clarence Fisher is hearing Prensky loud and clear. (Check out his previous post on SimCity, too.) How long will this meme take to catch on in with the powers that be?

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