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Mark Wagner

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Nov 27, 08

Amazingly this sat open in a tab for 16 days - and I'm finally bookmarking it to share here. A new feature in Google Reader allows you to subscribe to blogs in other languages and have Reader translate them into your language. Not that I don't already have too many feeds - but this is a potentially awesome feature for students and teachers researching any topic of global significance.

Aug 18, 08

Google Reader now allows more control over who you share with, but unfortunately it looks like it still has to be a subset of your Google chat contacts. It would be nice to be able to add someone to reader and not chat.

May 06, 08

The new sharing and notes features on Google Reader look fantastic. It incorporates some Google Notebook features and comes closer to functionality. I need to play with it.

Jan 15, 08

Share items. Share tags (which are like categories or folders). Clear or move shared items around. Good for social learning.

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