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Dec 17, 08

Wikispaces now has a User creator so teachers can create student accounts in bulk themselves... without any need for students to have an email address. The folks at Wikispaces have been great about doing this for teachers, but it's even better to have a tool available now. :)

Apr 25, 08

Open Source guru Steve Hargadon connects two very cool free (but not open source) services in this post. This trick also works in Google Maps. Cool.

Dec 06, 07

Adam Frey and the folks at wikispaces in San Francisco are looking for a new software engineer. If you're interested, click through to read the job description.

Sep 25, 07

This may have been a part of the early wikispaces announcements, but I thought it was worth pointing out anyway. BTW, teachertube has a blog. ;)

Sep 07, 07

I think this may have been working before the announcement, but you can now play embedded media directly on your wikispaces wiki, too.

Sep 07, 07

New wikispaces widgets allow embedding of all kinds of media... browsing the list of items that can be embedded might even lead to discovery of a few new tools. :)

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