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29 Oct 08

One more "late to announce" link for me. My friend and colleague Chris Walsh is Chief Learning Officer at the startup "Brightstorm" which offers online video courses for high school students using a straight e-commerce model... $49 a course. The videos (and teachers) are hip - what teen wouldn't want to learn Geometery from math goddess Melissa Kramer or her pizza eating counterpart, Brian McCall? They're giving away free courses right now, so head over to check it out... and pass it on to the high school students in your life.

24 Jul 08

This isn't breaking news, but I haven't linked to it here yet... and I can't believe there's only 100 members on a global scale. This service from James Farmer seems to one-up teachertube. Upload and share educational videos online!

03 Jul 08

"This page contains videos, slideshows, handouts, and other resources for presenters." This will help next time I say to participants, I wish I could remember where I saw that.

17 Mar 08

Yesterday afternoon, Atomic Learning, award-winning provider of online software training and resources, announced a free series on Google Docs. The series will be offered free of charge and can be accessed through May 1, 2008.

09 Sep 07

Stephen points us toward HippoCampus, sort of a free Atomic Learning. Since my family has a long history of collecting all things Hippo, it caught my eye. ;)

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