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Nov 13, 08

In case you missed it... the Flip Video (which I've recommended to many teachers as a perfect classroom video camera - and which I own two of) is now available in HD. :)

Sep 20, 08

If you haven't seen this yet... it's great that Google is adding this service to Google Apps, and it's great that it will be free for education (for a while), but this $10 per user gets ugly really fast in schools. I remember turning down services that wanted $1 per user as too expensive: "Google Video for education will be free to Education Edition customers until March 8th 2009. After March 8th, 2009, the cost of the video service will be $10 per user per year."

Aug 28, 08

This has been linked to often in the last 24 hours or so, but I want it easily accessible to my readers, too. It's the latest installment in Common Craft's excellent video series. Each video explains a technical tool in non-technical terms (with quaint but effective "paper" animation). In this case, the team explains the use of Google Reader. Cool.

Aug 09, 08

Jenith Mishne sent me a link to this, but I haven't tried it yet. Some of the features look interesting, especially these: Talk face-to-face with up to six people & Send and receive video messages. I'll have to try it out. Let me know if you do.

Jan 04, 08

Brother James has also been blogging regularly, as a transformative practice. And he's discovered that Blogger now hosts video!

Dec 29, 07

This looks something like the record feature in Podomatic, but for video. It's also quite a bit like ustream, but focused on sharing, not streaming.

Dec 21, 07

Someone was asking me for an app like this on OS X the other day and I didn't have an answer. This seems to do what videora does on a PC. If you've used this, please leave me a comment.

Dec 06, 07

These folks contacted me to announce their site. It looks like free educational videos. I haven't spent much time exploring. Anyone using it? Anyone see a problem with it? Please post a comment.

Oct 20, 07

Steve links to two powerful (and viral) videos by Professor Michael Wesch and his students.

Oct 12, 07

Get camtwist like effects with iChat. (Camtwist doesn't work with iChat). This costs $20.

Oct 12, 07

David Jakes shared this student blog post that schools edubloggers (well, edutwitterers) about using ustream and skype together.

Oct 12, 07

Another service like ustream and operator11, Mogulus gives you everything you need to launch your own live 24/7 television station. I'm not sure if it has any features to recommend it over the other two. Time and tests will tell.

Oct 12, 07

This works great with ustream and operator11: "CamTwist is a software package that lets you add special effects to your video chats. It's also possible to stream your desktop and still images." (Mac only.)

Oct 12, 07

Steve Dembo setup a wiki to aggregate all the new self produced edtv shows. See at a glance who is live. There's three live as I write this. Please add your show.

Oct 10, 07

John Maklary blogs about the recent hype surrounding ustream and the very real potential for student webcasting. He also has some ideas for PD, including a common tag for announcing shows.

Sep 28, 07

This is a very cool video promo for a Teen Second Life After School Club... made with animoto, which is even cooler than I initially thought - by a long shot.

Sep 25, 07

This may have been a part of the early wikispaces announcements, but I thought it was worth pointing out anyway. BTW, teachertube has a blog. ;)

Sep 11, 07

Wes Fryer just posted a tweet: "animoto is amazing! wow!" I agree from the looks of it. Upload your own images and music, and WHAM - get an instant (pretty sweet) video in return. If this seems like an ad, I hope it's worth it. ;)

Sep 09, 07

Jeff aggregates some videos being used by teachers to help students with Internet safety.

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