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29 Jan 09

"Twitter is a great resource for information, useful links, breaking news and status messages from your friends or companies you're interested in. But ..." I'm such a fan of the PostRank filtering in Google Reader, I think I'm bound to like this... it filters the tweets of your followers, so (ideally) you are reading only the good stuff.

29 Jan 09

"Never read a twiller? Having twissues with your twerminology? Welcome, then, to the unforgivable abuse of the English language that some call Twitterspeak." Some of these are meaningful. Some are humorous. But if you spend any time on twitter, you'll likely enjoy skimming this list.

08 Jan 09

A fantastically cool list of twitter accounts used by US Government officials.

17 Dec 08

"Search the conversations of the Web": This is a simple and cool search tool put together by Steve Hargadon (founder of Classroom 2.0 and Support Blogging). It can be useful in tracking conversations on social networking sites (like ning), social microblogging sites (like Twitter), and others.

10 Dec 08

A massive list of educators using twitter... categorized by job role... including principals and much much more. This is a good place for a beginner to add individuals to their Personal Learning Network.

28 Sep 08

Back up your tweets, friends, and more. Winds up in csv file. Cool.

28 Sep 08

A brief article: "Innovations are popping up everywhere as educators find more uses for Twitter and other social media tools to cater to 21st century students."

19 Aug 08

I'm starting to learn a bit about Yahoo Pipes so I can prototype my new product idea (at David Brussin's suggestion). Denis Grice sent me this how to post on creating a Pipe to filter twitter. Of course, TweetDeck can do this now, but it's still a cool place to start with Pipes.

07 Jul 08

A tool that visualizes the relationship between your friends on twitter. Very cool.

05 Feb 08

This article has a bit of a business slant to it, but it illustrates a variety of ways twitter can be used for more than "lifestreaming" - and it discusses the necessary time investment (and other potential drawbacks).

05 Feb 08

"Terraminds micro is a search application for Twitter messages and users." It even allows you to subscribe to search results using RSS.

05 Feb 08

Their conclusion: "With citizen journalism on the rise, it seems likely that Twitter will become an increasingly more important point for the distribution of breaking news during 2008."

28 Jan 08

I'm surprised twitter hash tags haven't taken off in edublogger circles. Like the @ replies it adds functionality to a twitter update and can provide searchable tags using something like

29 Dec 07

I've been waiting for something like this: a real-time search engine for Twitter posts! I need to play with it to see if it will allow me to search just my own tweets, but this is very cool in any case.

16 Dec 07

Amy Gahran discusses using twitter in place of notetaking at live events. She finds she is "focusing on synthesizing the 'so what' immediately." Includes other good tips for live microblogging.

11 Dec 07

This site gauges "popularity" on twitter using several variables. Mostly it's a good way to learn what's valued, view your stats, and compare to others, but it can be "gamed" if one is trying for ratings. Add /user/yourusername to view your own.

25 Nov 07

I'm with Darren Draper. @djakes' tweets have been highlights for me. I'm sad to see he feels others have taken advantage of this - and just in case it was ever me, I too apologize for the liberties I've taken.

19 Nov 07

Check out Ryan Bretag's post contemplating the death of blogging... and my comments. I'd love to hear what others think... in comments here, or on Ryan's post.

11 Nov 07

Another look at twitter in education... Ryan Bretag asks some good questions as well.

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