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23 Sep 08

Lucy Gray tipped me off to this cool way to download YouTube videos on a Mac. Apparently it is less hassle than using Download Helper on Firefox.

22 Aug 08

I haven't tried this yet, but it looks like a possible alternative to Jott, which just started charging (and which the teachers in my multimedia workshop just learned about today). It also looks like it might play the roll of Remember the Milk or I Want Sandy. Let me know what you think if you've tried it.

21 Aug 08

I have another new favorite Firefox extension... among other things, Fire Uploader can mass upload documents to Google Docs - just like an old school FTP program. Now you can "move into" the cloud by dragging and dropping.

23 Jan 08

This looks very cool, and I'm linking to Tim Lauer's post because it's easier to get the gist of it there than on the product's website.

23 Jan 08

Someone tweeted this earlier and I'm using it now: "Create site specific browsers (SSBs) to run each of your favorite webapps as a separate desktop application."

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