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28 Sep 08

A great story of a young entrepreneur creating social software for perspective college students. You might as well share with your high school students. ;)

20 Sep 08

Here's the wiki for the course mentioned in the previous link, again sent to me by GCT Erica Hartman.

20 Sep 08

GCT Erica Hartman mentioned this out-of-the-box course, so I asked if she had any links she could send me. This document was one: "Connections is a unique and ground breaking class that is a hybrid of writing across the curriculum, critical thinking and analysis, research, technology, communications, problem solving, and current events."

06 Sep 08

Via Kathy Jacobs. This seems like a great concept and a thriving site: "The first open media site where anyone can report from anywhere."

19 Aug 08

My new reader subscriptions and setup brought me this post - from outside the usual echo chamber. This guy's a software engineer who has worked on Learning Management Systems... and prefers his blog.

18 Aug 08

More advice I'll need to heed - and this article goes on in greater detail (and again I wonder what this model means to education, or at least to learning): "Why [do] some social sites have great success while others fail to reach out to the users? In his

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