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Dec 17, 08

"Search the conversations of the Web": This is a simple and cool search tool put together by Steve Hargadon (founder of Classroom 2.0 and Support Blogging). It can be useful in tracking conversations on social networking sites (like ning), social microblogging sites (like Twitter), and others.

Dec 10, 08

Search for people on Twitter. It seems to work.

Dec 10, 08

Google books now has magazines! Thanks to GCT Jerry Crisci for the tip.

Nov 27, 08

Amazingly, this also sat open in my browser for nine days! I installed it on my iPhone and haven't even tried it yet... and now it's the middle of the night and Clark's sleeping in the next room, so I'm not trying it now. But... I wanted to share it here. This iPhone app allows you to search by voice (instead of typing in search terms). I suspect this is at least in part a product of technology that has come out of the GOOG-411 project. :)

Nov 13, 08

Via Jen Wagner - This is another cool search tool... based on narrowing options by tag. It's education focused to boot... and all sites are human reviewed. I'm not sure that's the way to go, but it's another potential resource.

Nov 13, 08

Via David Brussin - This is an interesting startup aimed at helping scholars search for specific information by searching entire phrases. Interesting

Nov 05, 08

This is sort of a pain, but I'll definitely include it in all my future RSS workshops.

Oct 02, 08

David Pogue seems to be a fan of Google. Says his latest column: "Use Google search for everything." What he really means of course, is use Google instead of any other site's built in search. I agree completely - it's what I do. Hm. Maybe Pogue will be interested in the GTA NYC...

Sep 23, 08

I wanted to do some specialized queries in gmail and found this very helpful. Incidentally, the "-" operator still works to remove specific types of results from your search... so you can search for mail that is starred but not from a specific user, for example.

Sep 20, 08

This site looks very cool (and has some features of a product I've started moving forward with - I'll have to adjust). This links to a sample search using "Google Teacher Academy." Addict-o-matic brings back and displays results from various other services. It's a somewhat more visual (and customizable) meta search engine I guess.

Aug 18, 08

Via GCT Cheryl Davis. Another clever search add on. I haven't tried it yet.

Aug 18, 08

A cool add-on for most major search engines, which visually pulls out results relevant to one you choose with no need to rerwite your search.

Jul 24, 08

This is particularly interesting with Knol becoming public: "Mahalo is a human-powered search engine that creates organized, comprehensive, and spam free search results." Students can contribute via the Green House.

Jan 03, 08

Via Alec Couros. There's some good tricks in here that I may share with teachers in the future. In general, I consider effective use of online search engines a critical (and true) 21st Century skill.

Dec 22, 07

A very cool looking search engine for kids... it's got a visual tag cloud and other cool features. Try it out and let me know what you think.

Mar 28, 05

Google's efforts are paying off... and this is the coolest thing I've seen so far today! And it's only 8:43! How long can this keep up?

Jan 16, 05

I can't wait for this. Probably no need to FURL it, but if I didn't already know... maybe others don't.

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