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Nov 27, 08

Amazingly this sat open in a tab for 16 days - and I'm finally bookmarking it to share here. A new feature in Google Reader allows you to subscribe to blogs in other languages and have Reader translate them into your language. Not that I don't already have too many feeds - but this is a potentially awesome feature for students and teachers researching any topic of global significance.

Nov 05, 08

This is sort of a pain, but I'll definitely include it in all my future RSS workshops.

Aug 28, 08

This has been linked to often in the last 24 hours or so, but I want it easily accessible to my readers, too. It's the latest installment in Common Craft's excellent video series. Each video explains a technical tool in non-technical terms (with quaint but effective "paper" animation). In this case, the team explains the use of Google Reader. Cool.

Aug 18, 08

I spent some time today playing with new tools - and this is by far the greatest potential enhancement to my workflow. It helps the Good stuff in my perennially 1000+ unread items rise to the top. :)

Dec 11, 07

Via Chris Craft. Merlin Mann at 43 folders has a suggestion for getting to "in-box zero" with your feed reader... click "Mark All as Read" more often. I got to the point with Twitter where I don't sweat missing stuff, but need to with RSS, even after cutt

Nov 10, 07

(Via iJohnPederson) The lack of this feature was the main reason I haven't been starting teachers with Google Reader instead of Bloglines for RSS. I'll revisit that before my next RSS workshop now... and I'll want this bookmark when the time comes.

Oct 20, 07

This is a very important question for edubloggers... Scoble shares that Feedburner reports "that they have 65.6 million subscribers." I'm sure that's inflated, but it's more than I (or Scoble) expected.

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